Wood Pallet Wall for Hotter Home Interior Decor

Wood pallet wall can be used as one of your interior décor that will give a more unique style and artistic side to your wall. To decorate the walls, the pieces should really be attractive and pallet art can be hung on your walls as a great décor. Recycling is a way you use to deal with the pallets and the rest will be based on your imagination and creativity about how to design and arrange them on the walls. Using pallet art for your wall will make your space a bit more rustic when it comes to style.

Both grace and beauty can be enhanced at the same time. Even with the wood pallet, you can make a headboard for your bed by hanging or attaching them to the walls. You can even make some wood pallet arts as a welcome sign on your doorway which is more interesting and impressive for your home décor. Pallet arts are not only good for your interior décor, because you can use them to beautify your exterior, like the yard and garden or somewhere else. There are many ways to make your own pallet arts from woods, from a little to a big piece décor item.

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Wood Pallet Wall Art

For your lovely wall art, you can actually use the wood pallets as a photos board where you can put your wedding or family photos in frames. Usually, the wall arts that are made of wood pallet coming with sweet words written on there, no matter they are words for your spouse or family or your guests. You can even paint the pallet to make it look more beautiful.

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Wood Pallet Wall Décor

As a wall décor, the wooden pallet can be transformed into a unique, rustic rectangular clock. You can simply add the numbers using paint. Or else, you can try to cover the wall with wooden pallets and after that you may hang some accessories or décor items that you actually love. Hanging some plants on pots or some small lamps will help to make the interior look simply gorgeous.

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Wood Pallet Wall Hanging

Wooden pallets can actually be made for framing photos that can be hung on the wall after you insert the photos there. Making a room sign by using wooden pallets will also be a good idea and you can actually hang them on the wall on each room based on the room’s function. Aside from a room sign, a welcome sign is also good to be hung on the entry door.

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Pallet Wood Wall Bathroom

When the wall of your bathroom is given with wooden pallet, especially behind the closet, you are able to add some aesthetic side to this room. Another idea that you will like is making the frame for the bathroom’s mirror from the wooden pallet with the color that can complement the existing bathroom furnishings and the room’s color scheme. Choosing a neutral color for the pallet is more suggested.

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Pallet Wood Wall Cladding

Wall cladding with wood pallet means that the wall should be made looking like it is created from different types of materials. So, with the pallet wood you can make some elements that are more artistic and decorative. Sometimes, you will end up getting a shiny and smooth finished one, but it may appear better if the result can be more patterned and weathered along with some textures for the overall look.

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Wood Pallet Wall Covering

If you want to cover the entire walls or some sides of walls to be covered by the wood pallets, you can do it so that the room can really feel more country, rustic and warmer. After you have some or entire walls get covered by the wooden pallet, adding some lamps that can be hung on the wall will be perfect. You can also add some paintings to the covered wall.

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Wood Pallet Wall Garden

No matter you want it to be outside or inside your house, you can have wall garden that is made from wooden pallet. You can try making an herb garden pallet that is located in your dining room or kitchen as usually these spots are the best chosen by many homeowners. Some herbs that you can plant are basil, parsley, sage, peppermint, and even rosemary; either it is vertically or horizontally arranged.

Wood Pallet Wall Garden Wood Pallet Wall Garden Design Wood Pallet Wall Garden Ideas


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