Washi Tape Ideas to Boost your Creativity in Decoration

Have you ever heard about washi tape? What can you do with this tape? Washi tape ideas are perfect for those who love to express their creativity; however, before you start using it, you must know what washi tape is. Washi tape is originally a stationary from women. Washi tape is very popular for its fancy and cute patterns. Some people use it to decorate photo frame, album, diary, and journal. It is also common to use masking tape to tape things on the walls, or even seal a pack of snack.

Washi tape is made from paper; therefore, it is easy to be torn by hand and also to be peeled off after you stick it on papers, plastic, or walls. This tape has beautiful colors; if you are making mistakes in while you are sticking the washi tape, you can easily fix it and adjust it without damaging the surface you stuck it to. The washi tape is also known as masking tape. It is originally invented to use by builders or painters. But later this tape was transformed into a more stylish and functional products. There are many washi tape ideas that you can use to decorate your stuffs and rooms.

Cool Washi Tape Ideas Cute Washi Tape Ideas Washi Tape Ideas


Washi Tape Craft Ideas

As mentioned earlier, there are several interesting washi tape ideas for women. Most women nowadays use this tape to decorate cards, like birthday card or valentine card. They cut the tapes into small pieces of flags and stick it to a string, and then they put it on the card. Another great idea, you can stick it on the table lamp. Once, you switch on the lamp the colors and patterns will pop out and create colorful lights to the room. The washi tape is also used to decorate candle sticks, just wrap the candle sticks with the tape. Washi tape is a perfect choice for keyboard and phone cover.

Cool Washi Tape Craft Ideas Cute-Washi-Tape-Craft-Ideas Washi Tape Craft Ideas Pictures Washi Tape Craft Ideas


Washi Tape Ideas for Dorm

Do you know that washi tape can transform your dorm to look more chic and up to date, or probably girly? Find a flat surface on the wall and start putting some pictures and photos on it by sticking it with washi tape. You can also make your door and windows look fancier, stick the washi tape that you like along the window sills. You may also use this tape to cover the drawers or shelves. The washi tape ideas offer you more opportunity to upgrade your dorm. Additionally, girls love to wrap their notebook, cups, jars, and even clocks in their dorm with this tape. Fun isn’t it?

Cool Washi Tape Ideas Dorm Cute Washi Tape Ideas Dorm Washi Tape Ideas Dorm Pictures Washi Tape Ideas Dorm


Washi Tape Ideas for Walls

Washi tape makes every single decoration is possible to do. For example, if you love wall art such as creating an image of tree on the wall, washi tape is a great option. You can decorate the frames on the walls, and you can even use it as wall paper. Although this tape may not be able to cover all the walls at your house, it will make an ideal background for your computer desk. Washi tape ideas are surprisingly great for home decor. Some women love memorabilia on the walls. If you receive Christmas or birthday cards from your family and friends; moreover, if you have unforgettable pictures, you can use washi tape to hang these cards and pictures on a specific wall in your living room.

Washi tape ideas are great for women who love art and unique things. This particular tape presents colorful, cute, and tempting patterns. It is just the right choice to help you decorate the walls in your room or dorm, the frames, the stationary, electronic devices and cards. This tape is easy to be used and to be cleaned. Washi tape ideas give you pleasant and plenty design that inspire you to enhance your imagination as well as creativity.
Cool Washi Tape Ideas for Walls Cute Washi Tape Ideas for Walls Washi Tape Ideas for Walls Pictures Washi Tape Ideas for Walls


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