Wall Shoe Rack: Clever Ways to Store Your Shoes

Wall shoe rack will be needed since everybody loves shoes. Even some people buy shoes due to their love for those items without think about the function at the first place. But of course you will need shoe rack in order to store and arrange your shoes. Even though shoe is just an item, you cannot put it carelessly in wherever you like. Several materials of shoes cannot stand certain temperature and environment. And the shoe rack on the wall will be the best thing both for your shoes and your home, especially if it is only available small space.

Close which has the walk in ability is the best place for storing items such as shoes, ties, bags, and many more. But it will turn bad if you only have small space in your home. It eve does not have enough space to create a closet. And if your shoes become more and more in time to time, you definitely need something useful rather than forcing in creating bigger closet. This is the time that you should utilize the vertical space in your home as the shoe rack. Putting the shoe rack on the wall will save spaces in your home or apartment.

Wall Shoe Rack Designs Wall Shoe Rack Ideas Wall Shoe Rack


Wall shoe rack ideas: wood wall shoe rack

Wall shoe rack ideas are so many. You can choose one that suits you. The first idea is wood wall shoe rack. It is made of wooden plank installed on the wall. You can take advantage from wall in your limited space of home. The shoes will be well looked on the shelves. Basically, you can hang some shelves once you have that extra space even though it is pretty limited. This kind of rack can be painted as you like though. Do not worry because it will not take any space from the floor like at all.

Wood Wall Shoe Rack Designs Wood Wall Shoe Rack Ideas Wood Wall Shoe Rack Images Wood Wall Shoe Rack


Wall shoe rack ideas: wire shoe rack wall mount

If you are preferred other material than wood, the wire shoe rack wall mount can be your consideration. You can utilize the rod of towel installed on the wall to hang your shoes. But it is only worked to store shoes with high heels. This is highly recommended for you who want to get minimalist and clean look. Shoe rack made of wire and mounted on the wall will not take any space from the floor as well. Long story short, this is very suitable for you who have limited space after all.

Wire Shoe Rack Wall Mount Designs Wire Shoe Rack Wall Mount Ideas Wire Shoe Rack Wall Mount Images Wire Shoe Rack Wall Mount


Wall shoe rack ideas: built in wall shoe rack

The last but not least, we have the most favorite kind of shoes storage’s. Built in wall shoe rack can be the one which loved by everybody. This kind of rack for shoes will take more spaces rather than the previous types. But the built in rack can be used for other purpose such as bags storage and other accessories in your room. Still, it will not take the circulation space in the room since this is built in furniture. So, you can decide your favorite wall shoe rack.

Built in Wall Shoe Rack Designs Built in Wall Shoe Rack Ideas Built in Wall Shoe Rack Images Built in Wall Shoe Rack


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