Vintage Makeup Vanity: The Value and How to Choose

When we talk about interior, vintage makeup vanity becomes one of the most popular item among collectors as well as home owners. The art value of the furniture makes the very reason why collectors will bid even on high price just for a vintage vanity. Meanwhile, home owners commonly like how it create accent inside their room. Honestly, this kind of makeup vanity certainly serves well for the look and art value at once. Maybe, it also explains why they are commonly labeled in relatively high price in market.

Vanity originally came from dresser with cabriolet legs for support. Those legs become significant part of vanity then. During early 1800s, this dresser was added with matching chair or small bench so people can sit while applying makeup. Since then, the drawers are divided into two side by side sections, separated by a space so people can sit comfortably while sitting on the bench applying makeup. Since then, vanity gets a lot of improvement and modification. Art Moderne and Mission Oak style affect a lot on it development. You may also find a vanity with single drawer in the middle beside the two rows, left and right drawers. However, vintage style remains favorite picks until today.

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How Vintage Makeup Vanity Table Affect Your Room

The main idea of buying a vintage makeup vanity table is to deliver the style to your overall interior look. Since there are many kinds of vintage style for this furniture, the style delivered is unique too. For example, a vanity table in Queen Anne style delivers graceful design with light touch and accent, giving an elegant but easy going atmosphere in the room. Meanwhile, Victorian style vintage makeup vanity delvers rich and intricate atmosphere in the room. It is essential to match the style with your targeted interior look and with other furniture pieces in the room.

Vintage Makeup Vanity Table Designs Vintage Makeup Vanity Table Ideas Vintage Makeup Vanity Table Images Vintage Makeup Vanity Table


Practicality Served in Vintage Makeup Vanity with Lights

People change, and they want even more than just the look. They need the real value and function of vanity to be delivered too. This provoked the existence and innovation on vintage makeup vanity with lights in design variation. The addition is meant to help user to get better experience in applying makeup. These lights are set in, still, vintage way. One design features lights around the mirror frame, and one other design allows someone to put light on the right and left side of the mirror on top of the table. This requires matching option of light not to ruin the whole vintage makeup vanity look.

Vintage Makeup Vanity with Lights Designs Vintage Makeup Vanity with Lights Ideas Vintage Makeup Vanity with Lights Images Vintage Makeup Vanity with Lights


How to Choose the Right Vintage Vanity Set

Choosing the right piece can be a little challenging for first time buyer. First, don’t forget to check the condition of the vintage vanity set. Make sure it is well maintained and ready to use. Second, check on the material. Vintage vanity always uses quality wood to deliver the ultimate look and durability. Third, examine the age. Older vanity will cost you more money than the younger one. Bid on price to get even more affordable deal. Fourth, learn the design. It should consistently uses a style for the design, not a mix or alternative in between. It is also wise to wait for exhibition or bidding sale to get vintage makeup vanity in great deal of price.

Vintage Makeup Vanity Set Designs Vintage Makeup Vanity Set Ideas Vintage Makeup Vanity Set Images Vintage Makeup Vanity Set


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