Using Branches Creatively: Tree Branch Decor

Using nature to decorate your living space will create homey feel. We have many choices of tree branch decor that we can search online, today. This kind of decoration is much more Eco-friendly. Besides, it is the simplest way to bring your outdoors inside. If you avoid plant, choose branch to give you a warmer yet earthy ambiance. It is neutral, yet classic at the same time.

Branch can be used for decoration only, but it can be functional at the same time. For indie wedding for instance, having branch as an accent for wedding table is great idea. You can paint it, to match the whole decoration you have. If you are confused for what to put on coffee table, prepare big glass vase to put two or branch. This can act as a statement piece for your table.

If you want to keep its natural beauty, you can simply put twisted tree roots on a dresser, combine with driftwood lamp and rustic dresser. This provides you extra rustic look to your room. Another idea for statement piece from branch is by creating dramatic wall of branches. This will make it incredible, when you combine it with natural plank headboard next to it.

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Tree Branch Wall Decor

There are thousand ideas to make branch as wall decor. We are going to see some of it today. To create a nice background, for instance, find some tall and big branch, put it on the walls, and it will be a great background for dining area.

Choose branches that can stand from floor to ceiling. You also can do this for the bedroom. Put the branches behind the headboard. Another idea is by hanging branches above your dining table. This is simple, yet entertaining. This idea gives you strong visual impact. Branches can be a focal point for the rooms, install some lights will strengthen its function.

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Decorative Tree Branches With Lights

You have two options of this decoration. You can choose the natural one, or the electric one. Some stores provide you with artificial branches with lights that already installed there. Of course, this will be more practical.

When you opt electrical branch, you will have various choices of the form of the branch. The stores has curvy branches, or straight branches, to suit with your need. This decoration is great for Christmas party, or even wedding. The light even can be adjusted, to suit with your desired ambiance. Some branch comes with timer for the lights, some with batteries.

Best Decorative Tree Branches with Lights Cool Decorative Tree Branches with Lights Decorative Tree Branches with Lights Decor Decorative Tree Branches with Lights


White Tree Branches Decorative

When we talk about colored branch, we actually can paint the branch by ourselves. Or you can choose artificial branch that comes in a ‘natural’ color. Some stores provide you with natural color of branch, but you also can find pink, silver, gold, and white branches as well. Color will strengthen the function of branch as the inviting elements of home decoration.

White branches will be great to put on dark wall paint, for instance. if you have dining table which the tableware has dark color scheme, put white branch to contrast the color. Combining tree branch decor with lighting will add its dramatic ambiance.

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