Unique and Functional Ways to Use Wire Spool Table

Wire spool table is the perfect example of how creativity can turn a trash into something functional. This table is wholly made of unused industrial wooden wire spool. You don’t need to add anything to the frame since it has a round table shape from the beginning. But, you can do many things to decorate it and this is what makes the difference.

The wire spool is made of wood so it will be perfect for rustic style design. But with a spark of creativity on your side, there is nothing you can’t do. With the right paintings and decorations, you can use the wire spool table for any design Round table can create a sense of space in our room and it’s perfect to be place both in the corner and in the middle of the room.

That’s why wire spool table can be used in many rooms for any purposes. Either it’s a nice coffee table, upscale bar table or fancy picnic table, this table is perfect for every occasion. Just paint it with the right colors, paste the perfect contact paper or put a beautiful table cloth. No one will know that your table is actually only a cheap recycled material.

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Wire Spool Coffee Table

Round table always makes the best coffee table. To create a modern wire spool coffee table, it is best to paint it dark and polish it to make it shiny and lose its rustic vibe. Put glass on it, not only to protect the table from the coffee stain, but to also to increase the futuristic design. you can also take the upper part only and attach it to other table legs just in case yo want to adjust the height.

Wire Spool Coffee Table Designs Wire Spool Coffee Table Ideas Wire Spool Coffee Table


Wire Spool Bar Table

Most wire spool bar table doesn’t keep the original shape. Either the height is altered or only the upper part is used. It will be nice to use the upper part only and use metal table legs to get higher bar table. Don’t forget to use the upper round part of smaller wire spool to make some matching bar stools. Bar table has to be high, so, you need to be creative in choosing the best table legs.

Wire Spool Bar Table Designs Wire Spool Bar Table Ideas Wire Spool Bar Table


Wire Spool End Table

The best thing about wire spool table is you don’t have to alter the shape. It is ready to be used and you only need to think about the decorations. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t alter it. In fact, if you cut it in the middle into two parts, put them against the wall and you can get two gorgeous wire spool end table. This idea is great if space is an issue at your house.

Wire Spool End Table Ideas Wire Spool End Table Ideas Wire Spool End Table


Wire Spool Picnic Table

The wooden material of wire spool table will be perfect match with outdoor ambiance. To get the natural vibe, you don’t need to paint the wire spool. Cleaning and sanding it will be enough. Twist some thick ropes on the middle for simple decorations. It will increase the rustic nuance while still maintains its simplicity. If picnic for you means sitting in the grass while eating your sandwich, cut the leg to reduce the height and it will be a great wire spool picnic table.

Wire Spool Picnic Table Ideas Wire Spool Picnic Table Pics Wire Spool Picnic Table



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