Tree Stump Ideas for Furniture and Decorating

Tree stump ideas are needed when you just cut down a tree in your yard and you just cannot get rid of the tree stump. Actually, getting rid of the tree stump is a bad mistake since there are so many things you can make out of tree stump. Basically, a tree stump is a piece of strong and sturdy wood. What can you make out of strong and sturdy wood? Strong and sturdy furniture of course. You can make a lot of furniture from tree stump such as bench, tables, chairs, and even wall decorations for you house.

To turn a tree stump into a piece of furniture, some carpeting skills need to be mastered because tree stump is quite thick. So, if you do not have any experience in turning raw wood into a furniture, you better hire someone expert in carpentry to do that for you. Below you will find some ideas about turning tree stump into bench, turning tree stump into table, turning tree stump into chair, and turning tree stump into wall decor. All of those ideas will make your house looks amazing especially if you have rustic theme as your house theme.

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1. Tree Stump Bench Ideas

To make a bench, definitely you will need at least two tree stomp and one piece of long and thick wooden board. The tree stomps will be used as the foundation of the bench and the board will be the seating area. However, you can also prepare four tree stumps and then lining them side by side to form a nice looking bench. Do not forget to make their heights equal so that the bench can be used perfectly. Those tree stump bench ideas are definitely worth trying.

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2. Tree Stump Table Ideas

Making table out of tree stumps cannot be easier. Here are some tree stump table ideas. You can take one tree stumps and put an acrylic glass on the top of the tree stump. Then you will have a table. The three stumps will act as the foundation of the table and the glass acts as the table surface. You can also place a large wooden board instead of glass.

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3. Tree Stump Chair Ideas

There are a lot of tree stump chair ideas and it is including do nothing about the tree stump because a tree stump is already looking like a chair. You can also carve the tree stump and form it into a chair. You can also place a wooden board on top of the tree stump and make a larger surface of the tree stump. Thus, you can sit more comfortable on the tree stump chair.

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4. Tree Stump Decorating Ideas

Tree stump can be turned into decorative elements in your house including a wall decor. Here are some tree stump decorating ideas related to wall decor. Since the size or the diameter of the tree stump is numerous, you can assemble several pieces of tree stump discs of various sizes and arrange them neatly on the wall.

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