Tool Storage Ideas for Your Garage, Garden and Truck

With the right tool storage ideas, many facilities can actually have a secondary function as storage space. Stationary facilities, such as garage and garden, mostly have spare empty space where storage unit can be built. Even moving vehicles, such as truck, always have some room where a storage unit to store stuff can be made. When space for storage is available, anything can be stored there, but the things that most frequently need a dedicated storage unit are tools. If you are building a storage unit in those facilities, you will mostly want to use it to store your tools. You need a place to store your garage and power tools in your garage, gardening tools anywhere near your garden, and tools for maintaining and repairing your truck inside the truck.

To make a versatile storage unit in your garage, garden and truck, you need to discover the best storage ideas to be used in your project. Internet can be your best helper when it comes to providing the most creative ideas for your storage building project. Below you read about some great ideas that you can use if you want to build a storage unit for your tools in those facilities

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Garage Tool Storage Ideas

Having storage space in your garage is essential as your garage often functions as your workshop. There are several parts of your garage that can be transformed into useful storage area. If your garage is spacious enough, you can put storage cabinets or shelves against its walls.

If there is not enough space for those cabinets and shelves, you can still store your tools on your garage wall by installing pegboard on the wall. The ceiling of your garage can also be exploited for storage purpose by installing shelves on it. Hanging shelves are great for storing tools that you usually use in your garage.

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Garden Tool Storage Ideas

Gardening tools need to be stored in some place near the garden. Many homeowners store their gardening tools in their garage or basement, but if you want to store your gardening tools in your garden instead of only near it, a garden shed or an outdoor storage box can be a better choice.

A garden shed can be used to store not only your gardening tools, but also your fertilizer and lawn mowers. If your garden is located near your patio, you can also store seasonal items like patio furniture and swimming pool equipment. An outdoor storage box has quite similar function to that of a shed, except that the former is smaller.

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Truck Tool Storage Ideas

The low-sided open back of a truck can be redesigned if you want to add storage space there. You can raise the platform and use the space underneath it as storage space. You can install any storage units, such as drawers and cabinets, there. You can also install a custom-made metal and glass cabinet on the platform without raising it.

With little modification, the tailgate of the truck can function as a door not only for the open-back platform, but also for the cabinet. Think creatively because there are actually many other tool storage ideas that you can use to add storage space to your truck.

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