Thinking of Kids Toy Storage Ideas? Involve Your Kids, Get Some Bonding Time

Have you been thinking about kids toy storage ideas lately? If yes, then it is a perfect time for you to learn more about some types of the storage for your kids’ toys. One type, for example, will let your kids to have some of their toys and dolls on it standing. And another type will probably let them put the toys laying. However, seeing that you can decide which type to make makes you want to make all, but still, affectivity is needed. It is better to have one type of toy storage but it can put up with lots and lots of toys inside, than to have some but you still have to multiply them.

For kids toy storage ideas, there are bunch of Do It Yourself to see and look up to. Some of them are showing you how to do it from the very first step, some of them are more about decorating them, making it possible for you to involve your kids in the process. This kind of do it yourself thing will also create a bond between you and your kids. They will understand the process and how it is like to paint or to decorate the place that probably means so much to them. So what are they types you can possibly make by yourself?

DIY Kids Toy Storage Ideas Kids room Toy Storage Ideas Kids Toy Storage Ideas


Kids Toy Storage Box

First type is called kids toy storage box, meaning that it is simply box-shaped, with some ideas for decoration here and there. To make this one, you can use your sense of parenthood, guessing or asking your kids how they would the box to look like. You can also match it with the ambiance in their bedroom.

For example, if simplicity is what you seem to like, you can just go to the attic and find some secondhand wooden that has not been functioned. Simply, make some pieces and chain them together like train. To smoother the look, you can paint them in natural color of wood.

Kids Toy Storage Box Designs Kids Toy Storage Box Ideas Kids Toy Storage Box


Kids Toy Storage Bench

Besides box, you can also make the toy storage double function by shaping it into a bench. For this one, you will probably need a little more detail because kids toy storage bench will need pattern and trick and a little practice. But your kids will eventually love it, don’t they? Simply because you are the one who makes it.

Make the bench look similar or contrast to the design of their room. Adjust the size with the toys they have. But having some benches in their bedroom will not be too ideal, though. Therefore, they can probably put the little toys they have in there.

Kids Toy Storage Bench Designs Kids Toy Storage Bench Ideas Kids Toy Storage Bench


Kids Toy Storage Shelves

Among all types, kids toy storage shelf is probably the most common one, and the most wanted one. Why? Because the concept of the shelves themselves are very effective to have. They stand and they can put up with more toys, letting your kids to organize them all. For this one, you can make some levels from 3 to 4, it also depends on how deep you want to have it.

If you get bored of the same old box framed shelves, you can also combine it with hive shaped. An interesting shelves for your kids’ toys will surely encourage them to clean up their toys, making them able to be independent. Be creative for more kids toy storage ideas!

Kids Toy Storage Shelves Designs Kids Toy Storage Shelves Ideas Kids Toy Storage Shelves


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