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Jamming furniture in your bitty bitty one room apartment called a ‘studio’ can be quite difficult despite its compact size and affordability. Most people run out of ideas for their studio apartment design. The narrowness of the room becomes the main obstacle why most people stop innovating when designing this type of apartment, whereas, with a little creativity, a studio apartment can actually appear to be more comfortable.

The interesting thing about this studio apartment is one room has a lot of function, which can be used as a bedroom, a living room, and even a kitchen. In a smaller layout, a studio apartment is very difficult to be decorated, but you can use the simplest approach – to create a coordinated style that can reach the entire room even though this option will limit the owner’s potential creativity. The other option is to create a different theme in each functional area. The weakness of this option is it needs careful planning and unifying layer design to ensure that each theme does not collide or looks too eclectic.

Although there are some disadvantages to living in a studio apartment, as it feels like staying in the bedroom, do not have much room for storage, requires extra thought to get the right studio apartment design, this could also be a fun and comfortable experience. Use these design tricks when you will decorate a studio apartment and you would like a studio living.

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Be Careful in Choosing Small Studio Apartment Design

Choosing small studio apartment design can be tricky. If you choose the wrong studio apartment design, instead of getting a cozy room, your room will feel narrower. There are four factors that determine the room comfort with a limited area.

  • Creating an open layout
    Apply an open layout for your workplace and your living room. You can also use credenza as a room divider as well as a storage area.
  • Use monochromatic color
    Choose beige, gray, or white to give a wider impression.
  • The furniture size and shape
    Buy simple and minimalist furniture such as an ottoman and two seater sofa.
  • Adding a mirror
    A mirror can produce the illusion effect that can make the room feel more spacious. Choose a mirror with a unique shape so it can be a decorative element.

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Tricks using modern studio apartment design

Limited space makes the modern studio apartment design project feels more challenging. Having limited space does not mean that you should forget about the modern interior, on the contrary, many designers offer special solutions for small studio, like:

  • Choose functional furniture
  • Use bright lights
  • Divide apartment visually into separate zones. You can use a sliding door, glass wall or credenza.
  • Choose a neutral color to paint the walls and a few accents of bright colors to unify the interior.
  • Do not use large furniture, accessories and plants because they would take available space.
  • Specify the activity in the room and select some supporting details such as choosing soft gray or light blue for work-space or study room will support the writing creative process.

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Creative Studio Apartment Kitchen Design

Though it is small, it does not mean studio apartment kitchen design should be perfunctory, does it? A neat and organized kitchen is the key to getting your comfort during cooking. There are a few tips to keep your studio apartment design effective yet modern.

  • Exhaust fun is a must! Use this so that the air in the apartment is not stuffy. Choose the one according to the design of the kitchen.
  • Create an open kitchen and combines with the dining room. You can use a table as a partition wall or use a different color to differentiate the room.
  • Put the kitchen island in the middle of the kitchen area.
  • Use a curved bar counter to get a cafe-style atmosphere. This table will look so elegant if it made of quality materials like natural stone or wood.

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