Seed Bead Bracelets as Cheap yet Classy Accessories

Seed bead bracelets are cheap to make or to buy, but they will look elegant and classy when you wear them. There are different types of bead that can be used to make bead accessories, including regular beads, pony beads, charm beads, specialty beads, and seed beads. Some of them can be made from expensive natural materials, such as pearl, but there are cheaper variants that are made from polished plastic and glass.  Therefore, it is always possible to make elegant bead accessories, including bracelets, that you can still afford. When the bead bracelets that you make or order are finally finished, they will look elegant when worn around your hand.

One important factor to mind when you want to wear bead bracelets is their design. Bead bracelets that are made from seed beads may have various designs. There are simple seed bead bracelets that consist of beads that are not too elaborately arranged, there are bead bracelets that use floral design, and there are large and thick bead bracelets that are locked with cuff-styled lock. You can learn more about those bead bracelet designs below. Pick your preferred design and be ready to show off with your cheap yet classy bead bracelets.

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Simple Seed Bead Bracelet Patterns

Bead bracelets that are made from seed beads can have very simple design. Due to its simplicity, the design is often easy to make and professional hands are rarely needed to make it. If you want to design the bracelet on your own, you can buy the seed beads instead of the finished bracelet.

This will obviously save you a lot of money. Because the diameter of seed beads may range from one-tenth millimeter to about 7 millimeters, you may need to use a needle when handling smaller beads. Nonetheless, if you prefer to skip the hassle, you can always buy finished simple bead bracelets from any accessories shops.

Cool-Simple-Seed-Bead-Bracelet-Patterns Simple Seed Bead Bracelet Patterns Ideas Simple Seed Bead Bracelet Patterns Photos


Seed Bead Flower Bracelet Patterns

Floral design is one of the most favored designs for bead bracelets. Flower is always associated to beauty and elegance. Therefore, it is quite normal if many people wish to wear bead bracelets with flower bracelet patterns on them. There are two methods flower pattern can be applied to bead bracelet design.

The first is by adding flower-shaped bead knots to the bead band and the second is by making a cuff bracelet or any other types of broad-banded bracelet with floral pattern forming a silhouette on its band. Whichever bead stringing method that you use, the flowers should appear great if they are designed creatively.

Seed Bead Flower Bracelet Patterns Photos Seed Bead Flower Bracelet Patterns Pictures Seed Bead Flower Bracelet Patterns


Seed Bead Cuff Bracelet

Cuff bracelet is loved particularly due to its broad band. Cuff bead bracelet usually uses a button as its lock, just like the cuff of a shirt. The broad band of this bracelet can be a great canvas for people with creative ideas as they can create any patterns on the band. We have mentioned above how a flower silhouette can be created on a bracelet cuff.

With your creativity, you can create any patterns that you like on your cuff bracelet. If you prefer to buy the bracelet, there are cuff-shaped seed bead bracelets that you can buy from online or local accessories shops.

Cool Seed Bead Cuff Bracelet seed bead cuff bracelet Pattern Seed Bead Cuff Bracelet Pictures


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