Rustic Interior Design Brings Exotic Atmosphere to Your Home

Rustic interior design focuses on simplicity and attempts to unleash the decorative potentials of items that are normally used due to their functions. In this interior design style, every functional item is deemed to have beautifying effect to the interior of a house. Because the décor planning purely utilizes items that normally have non-decorative functions, the use of common decorative items like chandelier is often discouraged. Those decorative items may exist in a rustic house, but their presence is rarely dominating and is often outshined by the rustic decoration that overwhelms the interior of the house.

This interior design style can be incorporated into other styles. It can be combined with modern interior design style to create a clean and minimalist yet functional atmosphere in the house, with Mediterranean interior design style to create warm and welcoming atmosphere inside the house, with Scandinavian interior design style to make the house look brighter and feel calmer and natural, and with oriental interior design style to create exotic ambience both inside the house and outdoor spaces that directly connect to any interior spaces. The goal of this combining is to integrate the atmosphere of simplicity typical of rustic design with the particularities of other specific interior design styles.

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Modern Rustic Interior Design

Rustic interior design can always perfectly fit in modern interior design because both styles emphasize simplicity. Modern interior design is often associated to such concepts as brightness, airiness, clean lines, and minimalism. When combined with rustic design elements, the result may include the exposing of natural elements of the house (including minimal use of plastered wall), the use of big windows and fireplace, the use of natural color scheme, and the use of modern furniture and amenities.

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Rustic Mediterranean Interior Design

The combination of rustic and Mediterranean interior design yields a house that looks bright and exotic with its earth color scheme combined with brighter colors and with its rustic décor. Elements like faux terracotta and dark hardwood floor typical of Mediterranean interior design makes the house feel warm and welcoming. A house with this design mostly includes fabrics that are commonly used in Mediterranean houses. They are bright colored and designed to represent Mediterranean comfort.

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Rustic Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian interior design is actually the origin of what we call today modern design. Combining rustic design with this Nordic design is thus almost the same with combining it with modern design. There are, however, some elements of Scandinavian style that should receive special attention, including the inclusion of neutral colors with muted tones, white wood floor instead of carpet, eco-friendly design and natural atmosphere, a sense of airiness and brightness, and Scandinavian decorative items like antique Swedish clock and curved rustic wood furnishings.

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Rustic Japanese Interior Design

Both rustic and Japanese designs are known for their simplicity and natural look. Just like a rustic house, a traditional Japanese house also includes mostly items that come from the nature, including wood and fabric. A combination of rustic and Japanese designs may include a low wooden tea table typical of Japanese design combined with jute rug to cover the tatami and the use of reclaimed wood in the construction of many parts of the house.

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