Rustic Floating Shelves: Beautiful Shelf at Narrow Room

Rustic floating shelves can be used as an alternative to the storage of your goods. This rack is suitable for narrow room. If you have a narrow house, the use of regular rack will make the room more cramped because of the storage rack does take wide space. A narrow house also has a floor area that is limited so we have to be clever to decorate any room to make it look spacious.

Usually there are certain tricks to decor the home that is not too big. The decor tricks keep your home comfortable and not cluttered. The first trick is the use of mirrors or glass. Reflecting mirror side of the room served as camouflage and the room will look spacious. For storage section, you can use a rack attached to the wall. You can put items such as books, DVDs, even beautiful vase to make your room sweeter.

You can use a board made of teak wood. This wood is very strong. You can let the fibers remain original to rustic impression is getting stronger. You can use a wooden board with a width of 15 to 20 cm and a length of 40 to 120 cm.

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Rustic Wood Floating Shelves

If you want rustic wood floating shelves, then you should be able to install correctly so that the rack is strong and not fall when it is used to put the goods. Wood you use is not to be neat. You can use wood that has not been refined. The wood fiber is still natural and shape of each hollow timber periphery uneven to get the rustic theme. The bottom of the timber can be given with a smooth thin wooden board to make it neat. The teak wood board should be given three holes to place the iron buffer.

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Floating Shelves Rustic Bathroom

A bathroom also needs a storage rack storage but closed will be difficult for us to pick up soap, toothpaste, towel, soap, tissue, hand body, facial wash, shampoo, toothbrushes, or other toiletries. Therefore we need a floating shelves rustic bathroom. This rack attached to the wall with wood fiber beautiful and quaint.

We can still save our toiletries and make the bathroom becomes better. The shelf is not only used to put your stuff, but you can put the fresh aromatherapy candles or beautiful flowers to make the bathroom become more fragrant and you can relax while having a bath.

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Floating Shelves Rustic Kitchen

Kitchen become a place of the most demanding storage racks. There are shelves for storing plates, spoons, pans, cutlery, groceries, and much more. The kitchen also require storage racks seasoning. But save seasoning in closed cabinets will make us difficult to take quick seasoning when cooking.

Tiny kitchen can solve the problem by making floating shelves rustic kitchen. These shelves can be placed right in front of the wall when we were cooking so that we can choose the seasoning with ease. You can put salt, pepper, tomato sauce, chili, and other spices. You can put the spice without spill.

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