Remodel the Furniture with DIY Sofa Table

Having a sofa table at home is the right step for home owner which is very challenging. Instead of wasting time by hunting the table in the furniture store, it’s better to make the table with the creativity, size, and shape like what you want. More than that, there is DIY sofa table which is pretty, easy, and adorable to create. The material and the tools are easy to get. Making the sofa table is less expensive than buy the newest sofa table. This idea is better rather than to throw away the old furniture you have. It can save more money. Moreover, doing the DIY is getting more fun. The living room will look more gorgeous with the handmade sofa table. This furniture is a thousand time for comfortable than the couch or dining chair.

This furniture can help to save more money and space at home. In addition, this sofa table makes the homeowner possible to have space in narrow living room. The design can be mixed with the variety styles, colors, textures, patterns, which have been matching with the interior decorations. After that, the home owner must determine the size for the sofa. The size for the sofa must be appropriate with the size of the room.

DIY Sofa Table Ideas DIY Sofa Table Simple DIY Sofa Table


DIY Sofa Table with Storage

The sofa table with storage is suitable to be put anywhere. Sofa table is identically put in the living room. Put the sofa with the storage is good to be put in the living room, dining room, or even bedroom. In order to DIY sofa table with storage the homeowner must decide about how long the sofa and the shelf are. The big wall and large space is possible to make the sofa table with storage, the storage is put in the living room to put magazines, newspaper, and little stuff.



DIY Sofa Table with Storage Design DIY Sofa Table with Storage Pictures DIY Sofa Table with Storage


DIY Narrow Sofa Table

To make the sofa table in narrow space, it is suggested to create the table with certain high such as 10 feet with narrow width. Make sure that there is the board to make it. The boar should be single in order to minimize the space in the narrow living room. For narrow sofa table, the precise size is 2 x 12 x 10 inch which is cut in horizontal pieces for the table for vertical cutting for the leg.

DIY Narrow Sofa Table Ideas DIY Narrow Sofa Table Design DIY-Narrow-Sofa-Table-Pictures


DIY Industrial Sofa Table

In making the industrial sofa table, you need to adjust the legs for the table, especially the length. The proportional sofa is about 29 inch high and the height is about 26 inch. For industrial sofa table the size is usually two until three inch shorter than the other sofa table. Red wood is the best material for the industrial sofa table. The red wood is measured with the size 2 inch x 12 inch x 6 inches long.

DIY Industrial Sofa Table Ideas DIY Industrial Sofa Table Pictures DIY Industrial Sofa Table


DIY Sofa Console Table

In order to make the sofa console table, the home owner must do drilling to make holes in the wood, so the woods don’t split. The type of wood for the console table is soft, so it’s possible to cut into pieces. The screw to make this console table is the screw with size 2.5 inch. the first step is cutting the woo and make the hole. After that, apply the glue in the cut wood and set the sofa console table in the back position.

DIY Sofa Console Table Design DIY Sofa Console Table Ideas DIY Sofa Console Table Pictures


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