Painting Stripes on Walls to Give a More Exciting and Dynamic Room

Who would have thought stripey become a trend again nowadays? For most people, painting stripes on walls is a daunting task and they will most likely call a professional to do the actual process. However, the problem comes when you are on a budget. If it happens you should do it by yourself. It will be a little difficult at first because you need patience and thoroughness, but it is actually very easy. You only need these three keywords to do this kind of painting. Those are creativity, accuracy, and masking tape.

Painting the walls with this classic pattern will make your home look more unique and of course, save you money. The applications with specific painting techniques can also be taken with a much more affordable cost.

Stripey can give the impression of a more exciting, creative, and dynamic room. This motif will also minimize the use of wall hangings for the walls have been embellishing with the pattern. By knowing the correct painting technique, a common people like you can have a captivating wall. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or even zebra stripes will make your walls become livelier. These stripes will also make your room accent is getting stronger if you choose the right furniture and colors.

Painting Stripes on Walls Ideas Horizontal Painting Stripes on WallsPainting Stripes on Walls Ideas Painting Vertical stripes on Walls Ideas


Painting Horizontal Stripes on Walls to Give the Feel of a More Spacious Room

If you have a small and minimalist space and wanted to make it look more spacious, you can do painting horizontal stripes on walls. Horizontal stripes will give the illusion of a larger room. If you want to make a playful and cheerful impression in a room, you can use rainbow effect. Thick horizontal stripes will also make a small space appear larger and spacious. It is also suitable for decorating children’s playroom. Although painting stripes on walls can create “too bold” impression, the overall effect can be “tamed” by the use of soft colors. Enlarge the size of the stripes can also help since the larger the size of the stripes, the more relaxed the atmosphere.

Painting Horizontal stripes on Walls IdeasPainting Horizontal stripes on Bathroom Walls Painting Horizontal Stripes on Walls Painting Stripes on Walls Vertical or Horizontal


Painting Vertical Stripes on Walls to Make a Vast Space to Be Sleek

This is the opposite of horizontal; you can paint the walls vertically if you had a spacious room and want to give higher and slimmer impression. Painting vertical stripes on walls displayed in different colors will add visual appeal to your furniture. Painting stripes on walls can divert the visitors’ eyes to the top of the room in order to provide a broad impression of the room that is filled with a lot of furniture.

The vertical stripes pattern on the walls can also provide structural regularity on the children’s playroom which often looks chaotic. This kind of painting should be in harmony with the rest of the room since it will be the center of attention for a particular room.

Painting Vertical Stripes on Walls Designs Painting Vertical stripes on Walls Ideas Painting Vertical Stripes on Walls


Painting Zebra Stripes on a Wall for a Touch of the Wild

Instead of just using a plain wall or basic stripes, painting zebra stripes on a wall can be an unusual choice to add a touch of fun and wild on the decor of the room. You can choose the classic paint color such as black and white or black and brown. You can also make your own color combinations, such as indigo or yellowish green for teenager’s room or a combination of white and gold to give a luxurious feel of the room. Painting stripes on walls could also be the room focal point and can be used to make a bold statement without having to look vulgar.

Painting Zebra Stripes on a Wall Designs Painting Zebra Stripes on a Wall Ideas Painting Zebra Stripes on a Wall Pictures Painting Zebra Stripes on a Wall Pictures


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