Making DIY Toy Box Can be As Simple as This! Here’s How!

The DIY toy box you make will be the death to your kids. They will eventually love it because they see you put so much effort on it. They will also love it because they see that they can also get involved in the process. Indeed, once when you try making your own toy box for your kids, you will never stop creating more. The fun along the process will create a beautiful bond, and also a beautiful toy box for your greatest achievements – your kids. Well, let’s find out about the DIY toy box and work on it.

For the process, before you begin with having so much thoughts about the idea, you better be prepared for the types of the toy box itself. This way, you will study about the pattern first and it will minimize the risk of having it as a failure. If you have ever done it before, then you can just straight design the box and think about the decoration. Ask your kids how they would like them painted and decorated. Make the box represent themselves as close as possible. This will also let them to learn how to be independent in cleaning their toys up.

DIY Toy box IdeasBest DIY Toy Box DIY Toy Box


DIY Toy Box Bench

The first type is DIY toy box bench. This can be functioned as two functions. The first is this can be used as toy box, and the second one as a bench for your kids to sit onto. The pattern to make this one is rather complicated.

You have to measure and adjust the wood and scale it right away. Make sure that it will be suitable to be put inside their bedroom or play room. For the design, you can always match it with the design in their rooms. Ask their opinion on it too.

DIY Toy Box Bench Designs DIY Wooden Toy box Bench DIY Toy Box Bench


DIY Toy Box from Pallets

The DIY toy box from pallet might be a little classic and classy. If your kids love the idea, then go. if they do not, then you can always make it modified by having it decorated in some beautiful decorations here and there.

But you must have known it before that this pallet shaped toy box is a bit rustic and might be too rustic for kids to have, except they have trashed the toys all. Have some wood from the attic and see how you can nail them here and there to make this toy box become more interesting.

DIY Toy Box from Pallets Designs DIY Toy Box from Pallets Pictures DIY Toy Box from Pallets


DIY Toy Box from Card Board Box

If you have no time to deal with nails, screw, hammer, or woods, you can use card board box instead. By this, you can have your own DIY toy Box from cardboard box for your kids. This one is also the easiest to décor.

Grab some glue, flannel, or paper for it. Help your kids to decorate the box with their own style. Prepare all the ingredients and see how far the can go. Oh, one more thing! Make sure that the cardboard box used is enough to handle the toys just like in regular DIY toy box.

DIY Toy Box from CardBoard Box Designs DIY Toy Box from CardBoard Box Pictures DIY Toy Box from CardBoard Box


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