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Avoid your jewelry from being scattered everywhere, these are the ideas of jewelry organizer DIY. You can obtain some good things by making these ideas true such as the good time, polished creativity and craft skill, more efficient space, good look of your whole room, and even less time finding the right jewelry before going out. However, the color and ambiance that the organizer bring needs to match the one which already exist in the bedroom.

When actualizing the idea, you can sketch it first so it will not run very far from the original idea and may ruin the whole thing. Make the right measurement so it will look even better in your room and even function as one of decorators. Make the unused materials as priorities because it will cost you inexpensively, less guilty to be done (especially when you are about to make it for the first time), easier to find, and greener for the earth. Not only the unused frame, the statue your mom is about to throw away can look really pretty as well. Here are the ideas of jewelry organizer wall, hanging jewelry organizer, jewelry organizer frame, and jewelry box organizer. Let’s check them out!

DIY Jewelry Organizer Picture Frame Jewelry Organizer DIY Wall Jewelry Organizer DIY


DIY Jewelry Organizer Wall

It can’t be denied that you are able to put almost everything on the wall. Mention it, the frame? Check. A piece of unused drawer? Check. The burlap? Cork-board? Double check. One of the tips when you are organizing the jewelries on wall is, make some distance between one jewelry and the other one so it will not be tangled easily. You can even divide the jewelries into some segment to make it easy differentiate it next time.

DIY Jewelry Organizer Wall Designs DIY Jewelry Organizer Wall Ideas DIY Jewelry Organizer Wall


DIY Hanging Jewelry Organizer

With a piece of bar and some nails, you can have the DIY hanging jewelry organizer. Polish and grind the bar first if it is made from wood so the face is smooth enough to be held by hand. Make sure the wood is solid enough to be hammered by some nails. Add the cute hanger like the one made from small chains and your organizer is all done. To get the desirable color, you may just paint it with spray gun. Make sure the color is matching well with the room.

DIY Hanging Jewelry Organizer Designs DIY Hanging Jewelry Organizer Ideas DIY Hanging Jewelry Organizer


DIY Jewelry Organizer Frame

The DIY jewelry organizer frame can be considered as most common idea since it is really easy to make. Pick the frame based on your preference, it can be the modern or classic one. After that, hang the frame in desired location of the wall, then hammer some small nails in neat organization. The most important thing when trying this idea is making sure that the frame height can accommodate your longest jewelry. Pick the frame with pastel colors for best look.

DIY Jewelry Organizer Frame Ideas DIY Jewelry Organizer Frame DIY Jewelry Organizer from Framed mirror


DIY Jewelry Box Organizer

DIY jewelry box organizer is really easy to be made as well. When you have plain box made from high quality material, add the partitions so you can divide the jewelries into some categories. This way, finding the desired one is much easier. You can even have the simple painted cardboard as a jewelry box organizer. Wrap with some ribbons around it if possible to make the whole box look better. This box is essential for making your overall room looks more organized.

Cool DIY Jewelry Box Organizer DIY Jewelry Box Organizer Designs DIY Jewelry Box Organizer Ideas


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