Ideas for Creating Bottle Cap Art

Having a beautiful home will make your life more enjoyable and exciting. To create a beautiful home, you can decorate it with various choices of decoration ideas. One of the decorating ideas that you can choose is DIY décor. Some DIY wall art and décor can transform a simple interior into an eye-catching home interior. Bottle cap art can be your choice for DIY décor. This particular art is not only great for decoration. It is also environmentally friendly.

There are many choices of bottle cap craft ideas that you can choose to decorate your home. However, you must be careful in choosing it. Certain art and craft made of bottle caps may not be suitable for your interior design. This art and craft will look great in an interior decorated in modern style or rustic style.

Creating bottle cap crafts is not that difficult. Once you collect enough bottle caps, you can start planning for DIY craft projects you want. It is not a problem if you have miscellaneous bottle caps. Colorful bottle caps will make a wonderful art if you know how to arrange it. To create this type of art, you need additional materials such as glue, board, or other materials. If you want to limit the color combination on your DIY craft, you can paint them in certain colors.

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Bottle Cap Art Designs Bottle Cap Art Bottle Cap Art Ideas


Bottle Cap Art Fish

One of the DIY bottle cap projects you can do is a bottle cap art fish. To make this bottle cap art, you need one or more types of bottle cap for the fish color. The bottle caps will create a beautiful and glistening fish scale.

Some of the favorite bottle caps to make this art are red bottle caps and blue bottle caps. However, you can also choose other colors such as yellow, white, or orange. To create this art, you will need board or metal for the tail and fins. If you have difficulties in creating this art, you can purchase it from a bottle cap artist.

Bottle Cap Art Fish Designs Bottle Cap Art Fish Ideas Bottle Cap Art Fish Images Bottle Cap Art Fish Cool Bottle Cap Art Fish


Bottle Cap Art Murals

Another choice of bottle cap art which can make your interior looks spectacular is bottle cap art murals. This type of mural is very unique and eye-catching. Having it in your living room will surely attract the attention of your guests.

Creating this mural is not easy. You need to have large amount of bottle caps. You must also arrange them cleverly to create beautiful art. Not everyone can do it. If you are not confident enough to create this art, you don’t need to worry. You can purchase it from certain artists.

Bottle Cap Art Murals Designs Bottle Cap Art Murals Ideas Bottle Cap Art Murals Images Bottle Cap Art Murals Cool Bottle Cap Art Murals


Bottle Cap Art for kids

Bottle cap art for kids ideas can be your choice for DIY bottle cap art project. This project is perfect for beginners. Creating this project with your kids will also help you and your kids have a great time. This particular art usually needs less amount of bottle caps and pretty easy to do. Some of the ideas you can choose are bottle cap wind chimes, bottle cap frames, and bottle cap garland.

Bottle Cap Art for Kids Ideas Bottle Cap Art for Kids Images Bottle Cap Art for Kids Cool Bottle Cap Art for Kids Bottle Cap Art for Kids Designs


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