How to Make Your Mobile Phones More Interesting with DIY Phone Cases

Everyone has mobile phone. You and your friends may even have the same type mobile phones in the same color. It can be very annoying. To make your mobile phone looks different and attractive with DIY phone cases. There are many DIY phone case ideas that will make your mobile phones eye-catching and different from others. These ideas are perfect for girls and guys.

To create these attractive phone cases, you don’t need to worry about your DIY skill. Some of these DIY ideas are very easy to create. In consequence, you can create these unique phone cases without any difficulties. You don’t need to spend too much money either in creating these attractive phone cases. They can be created using affordable and easy-to-find materials.

Since there are choices of DIY mobile phone case idea, you must make sure that you choose one which is suitable for your personality. Choose a DIY phone case idea that has your favorite color on it. You must also choose one which has patterns and decorations that suit your taste. Another thing you must consider is difficulty. You must e sure that you choose one that you can do well.

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DIY Phone Cases Glitter

One of the DIY phone cases ideas you can choose is DIY phone cases glitter. This idea will make your mobile phone glittering with beauty. To make it, you need to have clear phone case, glitter, and glue. It is easy to make this DIY phone case. You can choose to have a monotone colored glitter to decorate the phone case.

If you want to create something more attractive, you can combine two or more different colors of glitter. It is perfect for beginners. Just spread the glue on the phone case and sprinkle it with the glitter. For a more beautiful phone case, you can sprinkle it carefully and create certain design on it.

Cool DIY Phone Cases Glitter DIY Phone Cases Glitter Design DIY Phone Cases Glitter Easy DIY Phone Cases Glitter Ideas DIY-Phone-Cases-Glitter


DIY Phone Cases with Nail Polish

If you love creating nail arts, then you must try your nail art skill on a phone case. This DIY phone cases idea is not difficult at all. You only need to get nail polishes in your favorite colors and clear mobile phone case.

You can express your creativity with the nail polish. Creating this attractive phone case is a lot easier than polishing your nails. The phone case is much larger than your nails so that you can create beautiful design easily. DIY phone cases with nail polish ideas are perfect for girls.

Cool DIY Phone Cases with Nail Polish DIY Phone Cases with Nail Polish Design DIY Phone Cases with Nail Polish Easy DIY Phone Cases with Nail Polish Ideas DIY Phone Cases with Nail Polish


DIY Phone Cases for Guys

There are some great ideas of DIY phone cases for guys. These ideas are pretty easy to do. You can choose to decorate your mobile phone case with tapes. There are various colors of duct tape you can buy for this DIY phone cases project. You can arrange them in stripes or other diagonal patterns. If you want something more intricate, you can choose washi tapes.

There are some washi tapes that have more neutral patterns that can suit your masculine personality. These tapes are also available in choices of colors such as blue and green. For guys, you can also decorate your phone case with silver metal studs.

Cool DIY Phone Cases for Guys DIY Phone Cases for Guys Design DIY Phone Cases for Guys Easy DIY Phone Cases for Guys


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