How to Make a Wall DIY Key Holder

A DIY key holder will not only keep your keys well organized but also they also prevent the keys from disappearing. The key holders are generally placed near the main doors for retrieval of keys and easy placement. In certain cases, they are also aesthetically appealing with various designs that blend in with the house theme and colors. Making your own key holder can help you to learn some basic cutting, drilling as well as the technique of installation. Don’t be afraid of the project as it requires simple steps, quality materials and also woodworking tools.

When it comes to the design of the key holder, first of all you will have to determine the materials and tools you are going to use during the process of key holder constructions. Factors like construction cost, materials availability, wall material type and special feature will automatically influence the key holder design as well. you also have to look for the wall you are going to install with the key holder. A wooden wall is so far different with the concrete wall instead. On the other hand, if your wall is made of wooden, you don’t need a drill or anchor. Moreover, you should also provide some safety equipment’s like leather gloves and safety glasses, too.

DIY Key Holder Designs DIY Key Holder for Wall DIY Key Holder Ideas


DIY Lego Key Holder

A DIY Lego Key Holder is considered as the easiest key holder to be made. All you need to do is just preparing lego, glue and others. You don’t need any drill to make this kind of DIY key holder. The key holder will work perfectly on your wooden wall rather than concrete wall as well. it’s all because the lego is only attached to the wall with glue not drill. It means it’s strong and sturdy enough for wooden wall. however, it will work worse on your concrete wall as it cannot stick to the wall perfectly. So, a key holder made of lego is just safe for your wooden wall.

Cool DIY Lego Key Holder DIY Lego Key Holder Designs DIY Lego Key Holder Ideas DIY Lego Key Holder


DIY Key Holder with Shelf

Always keep in mind to choose the location to mount the key holder at first. It will enable you to provide an easy access to reach the key as well. a DIY key holder with shelf is suitable if you have lots of keys and want to separate them orderly. Make sure that the location for your DIY key holder is free from cracks, electrical cables and also plumbing pipes. Ensure that the entire tools can function appropriately. Grind and sharpen the edges of the miter saw and hacksaw blade is needed. If you are nearly finish the step, don’t forget to secure the board on your wall.

Cool DIY Key Holder with Shelf DIY Key Holder with Shelf Designs DIY Key Holder with Shelf Ideas DIY Key Holder with Shelf


DIY Key Holder Picture Frame

A key holder made of picture frame is also nice to hold your keys. It’s such a perfect decoration of a DIY key holder as well. you can actually made your own DIY key holder picture frame in your own. All you need to prepare is just old picture frame and some nails. You can decorate the picture frame with or without the glass. But it would be so much better without the glass since it will enable you to hold and take the keys as well. Paint the frame with your favorite color will make you satisfied somehow. Don’t forget to finish the frame to make it more appealing.

Cool DIY Key Holder Picture Frame DIY Key Holder Picture Frame Designs DIY Key Holder Picture Frame Ideas DIY Key Holder Picture Frame


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