Garage Organization Ideas to Improve Your Garage’s Function

A garage can be the most versatile part of a home. By applying smart garage organization ideas, you can transform your garage from a mere place for storing your car to a multipurpose place for storing your bikes, shoes and various tools that you will require when you use your garage as a workshop. Its versatility and usefulness will improve the convenience of any areas nearby. If you successfully organize your garage and make it a perfect place for storing things, you will have a reliable place to store your patio furniture, gardening tools and fertilizers, and pool equipment. With slight modification, your garage can also become a convenient workshop where you can work on things conveniently with all of your tools already stored neatly nearby.

If garage organization seems to be a worthwhile and promising project for you, what you need to do is finding the best ideas to fully transform your garage. Thankfully, internet has given you easy access to all sources of ideas to do anything, including organizing your garage; however, in order to remodel your garage and to improve its function, you don’t actually need complicated and cumbersome ideas. The following simple ideas for organizing your garage is enough to make your garage a much more functional and convenient place.

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Pegboard Garage Organization Ideas

The easiest way to reorganize your garage is by making it convenient storage space. When you think about storage, you mostly come to realize something like shelves or cabinets. Well, you don’t actually need to install those bulky storage units in your garage to make it a versatile storage area.

Simply install pegboards on its wall and you are ready to store your tools on it. What if you have to store objects that cannot be hooked to a pegboard? You can hang a basket, a bin or a shelf on the pegboard and use the container to contain those objects. Simple, isn’t it?

PegBoard Garage Organization Ideas Designs PegBoard Garage Organization Ideas Pictures PegBoard Garage Organization Ideas


Garage Organization Ideas Bikes

Car is not the only vehicle that you can store in your garage. With very simple modification, you can store tens of bikes in your garage without having to sacrifice too much space. The only item that you need in order to conveniently store your bikes in your garage is S-hook.

You can hang the S-hook on a hook on the garage wall or beam or even its ceiling. You need only one hook if you want to hang your bikes by their wheel rim or two hooks if you hang them by their frame. If there are a lot of bikes that you want to store in your garage, hanging them by their wheel rim can be a more space-saving solution.

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Garage Shoe Organization Ideas

Many families enter their home through their garage, especially because they regularly use their car to commute. If you and your family have the same habit, making your garage a convenient place to store your shoes can be one of the best garage organization ideas. There are many ways to store your shoes in your garage.

You can install a shoe rack or a storage box or you can even use coat hooks to conveniently store your shoes. To make the stored shoes look neat, you may want to install different storage units for different styles: boots with boots and sneakers with sneakers. Adding a water catchment tray may also be necessary if you want to keep your stored shoes dry.

Garage Shoe Organization Ideas Designs Garage Shoe Organization Ideas Pictures Garage Shoe Organization Ideas


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