Folding Wall Table Ideas to Save Precious Spaces in Tiny Houses

Folding Wall Table is always a great idea, especially for modern small houses. Nowadays, many people prefer to live in apartment or small resident. With very limited space, furniture arrangement can be very frustrating. The owners are often forced to sacrifice important furniture such as dinner table or working table to save spaces.

Actually, you don’t have to ditch important furniture just for the sake of spacing space. You just need to get smart about it by using folding table instead of traditional rigid table. The best thing about this table is you can fold and mount it on the wall or keep it in the corner of the room when not in use. This way, your house won’t look messy and cluttered. Even though the table is foldable and mostly stays in the corner when not in use, this table is just as functional as traditional table. When you unfold it, the table will be just an ordinary table. Furthermore, if you can be creative, you can use the folding wall table as a part of the decoration. Don’t waste your precious space by using a rigid table. Follow the trend and decorate your house with a versatile folding table instead.

Folding Wall Table Design Folding Wall Table


Folding Wall Table Design

This table comes with various multipurpose designs. But most importantly, the foldable aspect will help you to save space. Some folding table is designed to be fold and stored in thin space when not in use. You can even buy a folding table that can be fold into a suitcase shape that can be easily carried anywhere. You can also to choose a more versatile folding wall table. This table is attached to the wall and when you fold it to the wall, this table can be great additional accessories for the house. Make sure you choose matching color so it won’t ruin the overall decoration.

Folding Wall Table Design Images Folding Wall Table Design Wall Folding dining Table Design Photos


Fold Down Dining Table Wall Mounted

Dining table is one of the furniture that takes so much space. Therefore, it is best if you use folding wall table for it. This way, you can have proper size dining table and you only have to mount it in the wall when you are not using it. You can make something simple with corresponding color with the overall decoration. Or, you can try to put a painting below the folding wall table and the legs will act as the frames. With this trick, when you fold the table to the wall, it will appear like a decoration instead of a table.

Fold Down Dining Table Wall Mounted Designs Fold Down Dining Table Wall Mounted Images


Wall Mounted Folding Laundry Table

Your laundry room can also take benefit from a folding table. Laundry table is very important, but it doesn’t have to be there all the time since you only use it to fold and iron the laundry. Laundry table doesn’t have to be fancy or beautiful. So, make it simple but clean and matching with the overall decoration. White or crème is preferable. Birch makes a great laundry table material since it is delicate against the clothes. By using a folding wall table for the laundry table, you can easily reach and arrange the table without wasting too much space.

Wall Mounted Folding Laundry Table Designs Wall Mounted Folding Laundry Table Ideas Wall Mounted Folding Laundry Table


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