Everything You Need to Know about Making DIY Vanity Table

DIY vanity table is something that you can make to enhance the beauty of your room. A vanity table is known for its classic and stunning look. As you can see these days, there are a lot of furniture stores that sell vanity table. However, if you want to have a unique vanity table that matches perfectly with the theme of your room, you can make a vanity table on your own. That is why a DIY project of making a vanity table can really help you to get the perfect vanity table for your room.

Making a vanity table is going to need some basic skills like cutting the wood, sawing, nailing, and so on. However, if you want to take the shortcut, of course you can get a store bought dressing table and then paint and decorate it so that it turns into a stunning vanity table for your room. The most famous theme for vanity table is shabby chic. This kind of theme enhancing the classic view of the table and you can take that into account. Below you will see more information about DIY vanity table so that you’ll be able to do the project perfectly.

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1. DIY Makeup Vanity Table

To make a DIY makeup vanity table, you need to know that such a table needs a lot of drawers and spaces to keep the makeup supply and equipments. Thus, you can build a table with several drawers or desk around the seating area. Beside of that, do not forget the shelves on the right or on the left of the mirror. You can also install a hidden shelf behind the mirror as well to save more makeup supply.

Best DIY Makeup Vanity Table DIY Makeup Vanity Table Design DIY Makeup Vanity Table


2. DIY Dressing Table Ideas

If you are looking for the DIY dressing table ideas, it is actually greatly depends on the design and theme of your room. If it is possible, make the color of the dressing table matches with the color scheme of your room. Say for example, if your room has a beach theme with ocean blue and white as the color scheme, you can complement the beach theme with sandy color on the dressing table. It will enhance the overall theme of the room.

Cute DIY Dressing Table Ideas DIY Dressing Table Ideas Design DIY Dressing Table Ideas


3. DIY Vanity Table with Light

If you plan to make a DIY vanity table with light, you can install two wall sconces on the right of the mirror and on the left of the mirror. When both of the sconces are turned on, you will not get lacked of light because the mirror is placed right between the two sources of light. However, you can also place one source of light like a long light bulb on the top of the mirror.

Cute DIY Vanity Table with Lights DIY Vanity Table with Lights Photos DIY Vanity Table with Lights


4. DIY Vanity Table Mirror with Light

DIY vanity table mirror with light is great. However, making this kind of vanity table can be quite complicated because not only you have to install the mirror but also must you install the sources of light. To minimize the hard work, you can get a store bought table which is already completed with light. Thus, all you need to do is installing the mirror. It will save a lot of time for sure.

DIY Vanity Table Mirror with Lights Design DIY Vanity Table Mirror with Lights Photos DIY Vanity Table Mirror with Lights



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