Easy to Make but Catchy Rainbow Loom Patterns Ideas

Making a accessory with rainbow loom patterns is the easiest way to catch the attention of people. It looks stunning and it easily attracts the attention of the people around you. Do not take accessory lightly, as this can easily change the perspective on how people can see you. With good looking accessory you will be able to gives better first impression, which is why it is recommended for you to consider getting rainbow loom patterned accessory. Unfortunately, this kind of things cost money, a good quality one can cost a lot more money, so in order to save you the money, it is suggested that you should make one yourself.

Making a accessory for oneself is not a simple feat, people usually get confused on what kind of design is best suited to wear, and this article is here to help with that confusion. The rainbow loom design requires two or more colors, different colors with different impacts are recommended. As for the design and how you should combine it, it is all up to you. Although it should be noted that everything that is too complicated makes things worse. So try to make it simple, a simple design can still look good and attracting too.

Rainbow Loom Patterns Easy Rainbow Loom Patterns Ideas Rainbow Loom Patterns Raindrop


Rainbow Loom Patterns without Loom

What makes things unique? Something that is never been done before or something that people thought is impossible. When you want a unique rainbow loom accessory, then make a rainbow loom but without the loom. It can be done easily, for example making a rainbow bracelet without loom. You just need colored rubber band, hook those colored rubber bands and makes a bracelet, you got your loom pattern accessory but without any loom.

Rainbow Loom bracelet Patterns without Loom Rainbow Loom Patterns Fishtail without Loom Rainbow Loom Patterns without Loom Ideas


Rainbow Loom Patterns Fishtails

The fishtail pattern is one of the most common patterns in accessory, but it can looks good with rainbow loom patterns. The basic is as simple as the common fishtails pattern, but this time, you should use colored material instead. These super funky colored accessories are eye catching but please beware not to overdo it, especially with the coloring; too many colors can make things worse. You can add more accessories, but because the fishtails pattern is already complicated, do not add too many other accessories, it will ruin the view.

Rainbow Loom Fishtail Color Patterns Rainbow Loom Patterns Fishtail Twist Rainbow Loom Patterns Fishtail without Loom


Rainbow Loom Patterns with Beads

If you go with simple colored loom patterned accessory and want some more punch, adding beads is a good idea. Getting the beads is not the hardest part, picking the right beads is. As said earlier, do not make this too overly complicated, choose only beads that is suited with the coloring of your rainbow loom accessory.

Rainbow Loom Patterns with Beads Designs Rainbow Loom Patterns with Beads Ideas Rainbow Loom Patterns with Beads


Rainbow Loom Patterns Starburst

If you think that you are quite skilled with this kind of things, then you could try crafting one rainbow loom patterned accessory by using the starburst pattern. This one accessory can looks absolutely astonishing if done right, you could also add beads, but not too much, as the design is already complicated enough.

Rainbow Loom Patterns Starburst Designs Rainbow Loom Patterns Starburst Pictures Rainbow Loom Patterns Starburst


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