Easy Pallet Garden Box Tips for Organizing Your Landscape

Try making your own pallet garden box if you want something unique but does not really cost a lot of money. Having a big garden can be both a blessing and a curse, at one hand; you have a lot of space for everything you want to grow. But in the other hand, controlling all those plants and making sure that they stay in their place is not an easy task. Buying a garden box for your plants can cost a lot of money, and while it is a good investment, there is a much more efficient method to choose from. Making your own does not only will cut the cost but you will be able to make everything that you want.

Using pallet wood for your garden box is a great idea, especially for a beginner, those pallet boxes are easy to find, cheap and great to work with. Working a pallet box is not difficult, even a beginner can do it, although caution should always be number one. By making your own garden box you are free to customize and change the design all the way you like. So you can arrange them and decorate them in order to make your garden looks more astonishing than ever. If you are interested in making your own garden box from pallet wood, read these useful tips and guides.

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Wood Pallet Garden Box

So how do you make a normal wood pallet garden box? The processes are pretty simple, first find some good quality pallet woods, then do a measurement, cut the sides pieces, attach them to one another, after you got your box, paint it and use landscape fabric. Use some stone as drainage and after that you can fill it with soil.


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Pallet Vegetable Garden Box

Due to its shape, it will not take a lot of time to change several pallet wood boxes into one big vegetable garden box. Depending on the size and height of your liking, you might need several pallet woods for this, and please remember that it will hold a lot of heavy soils, so try to use only the most durable and strong pallet woods as the material. You can apply the finish later after you clean all the woods.

Pallet Vegetable Garden Box Ideas Pallet Vegetable Garden Box Pictures Pallet Vegetable Garden Box


Raised Pallet Garden Box

Raised pallet garden box with wheels is one of the most convenience way to decorate your garden easily, not only that its easy and fast to build, but the availability of the wheels makes redecorating the garden is going to be much more efficient. Because it will be raised higher than normal, this requires a stronger base material, so using stronger wood pallet is recommended when making this type of garden box.

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Pallet Wood Garden Box Vertical

If you want to save more space, you can make pallet wood garden box with storey, which means there is another box on top the box. This type of pallet wood garden box is recommended only for those growing small size plants. The process is similar to the basic one, you just need to add 4 more wood pillars on the sides, the height depends on how you want it to be, attach more boxes with that wood pillars.

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