Easy Homemade Wind Chimes Ideas and Tips for Creation

Welcome to easy homemade wind chimes ideas and tips, reading this guide, you will be able to find a quick way to make easy wind chimes by yourself. Wind chime is not only a decoration, many houses are using wind chimes because it can produces some soothing sounds that has the ability to makes you relax and feel fresh. There are various types of wind chimes available and each wind chime produces a unique sound that no other has, it also has different design that gives a certain feels to your houses, so it is recommended to make one yourself if you wanted a more personal feeling to your house.

If you want to make one yourself but wanted something more unique and personal, there are various materials you can use as the base for your own wind chimes. Finding the right sound is important but it depends on personal preference. Some of the most basic equipment’s are cutters, line, chain, plank and glue. But you can always decorate your own wind chimes with any decoration that you want, remember that it can affect the sound it produces. Here are some of the easiest and most basic wind chimes that can be made in your house.

Homemade Wind Chimes and Kids Crafts Homemade Wind Chimes for Children Homemade Wind Chimes for Kids


Homemade Wind Chimes Pipe

The pipe is by far the most important part of the wind chime. It is the part where the sounds are produced, so to find the right sound, you will need to customize the pipes. There are various types of wind chime pipes available depending on the material used. Metal pipes are common and can produces a very clear sounds, so it becomes one of the most popular material for wind chimes.

Homemade Wind Chimes Pipe Ideas Homemade Wind Chimes Pipe Pictures Homemade Wind Chimes Pipe


Homemade Bamboo Wind Chimes

If you dislike the sound of metal pipes, you can try to make wind chimes by using a bamboo stick. Not only that it shapes are great for wind chime; it can also produces great sounds. By using bamboo wind chimes, it will also give a more natural feels to your house. It is perfect for those people who has more traditional garden on their house. Remember that the material, shape and length of the bamboo pipe affect the sound it can produce.

Best Homemade Bamboo Wind Chimes Homemade Bamboo Wind Chimes Pictures Homemade Bamboo Wind Chimes


Handmade Glass Wind Chimes

Glass wind chimes are probably the most common type of wind chimes, it looks beautiful and it produces superb sound, no wonder it becomes very popular. If you want to make handmade glass wind chimes, then it is recommended that to use used glass as the main material; used bottle or glass cup. Be very careful when you are cutting the glass as this material is very fragile, use metal hooks or other decorations to makes it more appealing.

Best Handmade Glass Wind Chimes Handmade Glass Wind Chimes Ideas Handmade Glass Wind Chimes Pictures


Homemade Wind Chimes Silverware

Do you want a more luxurious feels to your wind chimes but do not want to waste a lot of money for it? Make yourself wind chimes made from silverware, it’s easy and it also produces great sound. You can choose to make a silver pipe or just using a lot of silverware lined closely together, there are not fixed designs for this, so you can go crazy with your imagination.

Cool Homemade Wind Chimes Silverware Homemade Wind Chimes Silverware Pictures Homemade Wind Chimes Silverware



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