Easy diy Coat Rack Design Ideas

Raining season has come, and you need to make rain coat such as these diy coat rack ideas that make your rain stored well. When design touched with diy term, there is creativity to use any stuff and things for your design. Diy design will give more practical home with right dimensions, shape, and design that suit with your storage design problem. Here are several examples that you can choose for your diy coat rack.

First is use your broken cloth hangers. Have you get your wooden or iron hangers broken and cannot use anymore? Converse it as diy coat rack that versatile and attract design. Mount the hanger piece in an attached wood to the wall. Using hangers for your raincoat, you can turn it in any ways you desire.

Next is add little fun with your children coat rack design with their animals toys. Cut the animals into two, arrange the animals into wood scrap block, and mix them. Use glue to attach into wood and let it dry for a day to create power strength. The next example is use pallet for your coat rack. To make it, just by using vertical wood pallet that attached into horizontal pallet. Paint with several colors with different shade for each section pallet and mount in wall near entrance to welcome your guests.

DIY Wall mounted Coat RackDIY Coat Rack Stands DIY Coat Rack


Unique DIY Wall Coat Rack

Unique is magic word that make your diy wall coat rack look different from others raincoat rack. The wood piece in wall rack is ordinary. Why you not try to use this letter coat rack? To make it, you need wire cutters, heavy metal wire, wire pliers, tape, coated telephone wire and fishing wire. Spell out the letters you want from heavy wire. Then wrap the letters tightly into colored wire. Wrap the wire from letter to wire in the coat hook and use fishing wire to attach both.

DIY Wall Coat Rack Ideas DIY Wall Coat Rack DIY Wall Coat Rack with Shelf


Tree DIY Coat Rack Stand

Personalize your diy coat rack stand with tree diy coat rack stand. Tree shaped coat rack is perfect for modern interior decoration. This furniture brings nature into modern look. Tree coat racks from wood log that arrange into tree shape pieces can be use for hang your hat, coat, jacket and even the jewelry pieces. The reclaimed wood or entwined root can be your rustic and exceptional look for your home décor.

Cool DIY Coat Rack Stand DIY Coat Rack Stand Ideas DIY Free Standing Coat Rack


Foyer DIY Coat Rack Bench

Add bench in your coat rack that functionally as rain shoes storage and sit. Here are examples of diy coat racks bench that make your coat rack look gorgeous. Have unused wooden door? Add coat rack in up middle length door and add wooden board below that can functionality as storage and bench. The foyer bench is common feature in coat rack bench.

DIY Coat Rack Bench Pictures DIY Coat Rack Bench DIY Entryway Bench Coat Rack


Attractive DIY Coat Rack Hooks

When you create your diy coat rack, you want to have unique look for your design. One feature that you can play with unique design in your coat rack is with your diy coat rack hooks. There several items that you can use for your hooks, such as faucet hooks. You can attach it into wood structure or any pieces for your coat rack base such as pipe for industrial coat rack design.

DIY Coat Rack Hooks Designs DIY Coat Rack Hooks Pictures DIY Coat Rack Hooks


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