DIY Wall Art Creative and Simple Ideas to Use

DIY wall art is something that you will be able to make on your own when you are sick of seeing your walls look empty. Wall art is the pretty way to dress your walls up rather than just painting them plainly. There are a bunch of decor ideas of using and making wall art that are based on your style and personality. All of your rooms can be decorated with this art, like your bedroom, living room, kitchen and even outdoor area to your bathroom. You can actually use any materials that are perfect to make the art to look good.

One example that you will like to make because this is too practical is dot wall art that is made of washi tape. It is simple but really good in look when you have your own polka dots wall. Just take your favorite washi tape and you only need to take a few rolls. If you are a music lover, you can consider using your favorite song lyrics to be applied on a white canvas arranged with some colorful letters. To make it more stand out you can have a thrift-ed painting method and you can simply decorate the plain walls with what you have made.

Cool DIY Wall Art DIY Wall Art Ideas for Bedroom DIY Wall Art


DIY Nursery Wall Art

To welcome your newborn home, it is a great idea to have some silhouettes of you and your partner wall art ideas to be applied on the nursery room walls. Alphabet display is another kind of art that you can definitely use to make the nursery room walls look more attractive. Use cheap card-stock along with fabric scraps so everything is made on a budget.


DIY Nursery canvas Wall Art DIY Nursery Wall Art Ideas DIY Nursery Wall Art


DIY Bathroom Wall Art

If you like something abstract to make your bathroom looks fine; it is alright to create an abstract painting. It is will be easier to start making some random designs rather than something planned. It is no need to think about what meaning you want to present behind the image you make. All you need is making something that appears on your mind, whatever that is.

Cool DIY Bathroom Wall Art DIY Bathroom Canvas Wall Art DIY Bathroom Wall Art Ideas


DIY Bedroom Wall Art

For a bedroom, geometric patchwork is a wall art idea that can be placed as a headboard. This is simple to make because you only need some simple geometric papers to start. Using wire to make a wire wall art is brilliant. You may simply go to the hardware store to buy the supplied you need to make a sign made of wire with colorful colors.

DIY Wall Art for Girls Bedroom DIY Bedroom Wall Art Ideas DIY Master Bedroom Wall Art


DIY Living Room Wall Art

Paper quilling is something popular these days and you can decorate the living room walls with quilted monogram. It is all about paper coils that should be prepared as the materials and those can be rolled in 3D. The framed states wall art is the way so you can show off where you live in with the DIY map that looks fun to have in your wall.

DIY-Living-Room-Wall-Art-Designs DIY Living Room Wall Art Wall Art Ideas for Living Room DIY


DIY Kitchen Wall Art

Teacup wall art is a perfect wall art decor that can be placed in the kitchen. The screen-print-like poster is actually made of a cut paper design that you can create yourself. The teacup wall art can use bright colors that are able to complement the kitchen space, but make sure that it does not look garish. Yellow, orange or red color will be more recommended.

DIY-Kitchen-Wall-Art-Ideas DIY Kitchen Wall Art Photos DIY Kitchen Wall Art


DIY Outdoor Wall Art

Think about and look for materials that are unused and you can re-purpose them in order to make your own chevron outdoor wall art. It is easy enough because you may only use the salvaged pieces of lumber that already exist. Or else, DIY wood marquee letter can also be chosen because the professionalization process is simple without taking much time in order to make your monogram featured well.

DIY Outdoor Wall Art Designs DIY Outdoor Wall Art Ideas DIY Outdoor Wall Art


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