DIY Stepping Stones for a Gorgeous Landscape

For your beautiful landscape, DIY stepping stones are brilliant, especially if you can really make ones by yourself. The stepping stones play two roles in your landscape, they will be a map leading that can lead your guests to specific spaces that are different as well as make a visual path that is more inviting. It is no need to prepare high budget just to make your favorite stepping stones. Some projects may allow you to paint them, but you are also allowed to use ceramics in order to decorate them; but, you should choose several broken ceramics to make it good.

You can actually choose any materials, but the one that will create a unique atmosphere is mosaic tiles. These are also good to help you creating a contemporary feel and look. You can use mosaic tiles because they are good at resisting any extreme temperatures, so they will be fine when being around stoves or fireplaces. However, it is back to your choice because you can choose the right stepping stones based on the outdoor area or garden you have. It will be better if you can make stepping stones that are suitable and able to complement the whole outdoor space in order to make an inviting look.

DIY Garden Stepping Stones DIY Leaf Stepping Stones DIY Stepping Stones Kids


DIY Stepping Stones Concrete

To have perfect stepping stones concrete, all you need to do is making sure that the thickness’ consistency of your cement will be like brownie batter and it should also be scooped into your pour; avoid the pouring technique. If you consider cement dye, the color of the wet product must be two shades or at least one shade darker than the finished product. Be careful when making the mixture, it cracks when it is too dry.

DIY Stepping Stones Concrete Design DIY Stepping Stones Concrete Ideas DIY Stepping Stones Concrete Pictures


DIY Stepping Stones Molds

Before you start the project, you should decide the size and shape of your mold that can make your garden complemented well. If you have old milk jugs, do not throw them away because you can use them by cutting in half and you can have a mold by taking the bottom part. If you want, cake pans with 2 inches of height for the sides are also a good idea, or even old pizza boxes.

DIY Stepping Stones Molds Design DIY Stepping Stones Molds Pictures DIY Stepping Stones Molds


DIY Footprint Stepping Stones

It is creative when you decide to have footprint stepping stones in which your footprints along with your children’s footprints to be featured for a DIY pathway. Before it sets, some decorations may be added, and using the seashells, colored stones or even several pieces of broken tiles will help you to create a more inviting pathway. It won’t only look unique, but every guest who comes will totally find it very cute.

DIY Footprint Stepping Stones Ideas DIY Footprint Stepping Stones Pictures DIY Footprint Stepping Stones


DIY Handprint Stepping Stones

First thing first, you need your child’s hand to be imprinted and it will totally be cuter if you can combine both handprints and footprints so the more personalized touch can be added to each stone. After the project is finished, some perfect decorations that can be considered are shells, leaf imprints, mosaic tiles, as well as flat-sided marbles. Writing in the concrete is also a good thing but you have to wait for around 30 minutes.

DIY Handprint Stepping Stones Design DIY Handprint Stepping Stones Pictures DIY Handprint Stepping Stones



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