DIY Play Kitchen with Cute Look and Affordable Price

Creating DIY play kitchen is such a good idea for any of you who have a little daughter. It can be such a good idea for utilizing her to play a role. Of course, hunting products of play kitchen is something easy. Almost at all toy stores are selling such the product with the various designs, materials, and of course ranges of price. Sometimes, we just feel that it is so pricey for such a toy, or perhaps we also feel too worried that the materials which are used are not safe for kids. Still, the little princess always wants to play the play kitchen as if they are a great mom or chef.

When we feel worried on getting or purchasing the play kitchen for the lovely little princess, why don’t we think about making the play kitchen yourself? That will be a good idea since we can use anything around us. Using the unused materials will be such a great idea, as like by recycling the old unused furniture, carton boxes, and many others. Then, we can use our creativity to make it ourselves. What we can do is finding the ideas and takes an action. Thus, we will get the cute play kitchen in budget. We also can do it with our kids for the fun quality time as well.

DIY Play Kitchen Cardboard DIY Play Kitchen Ideas DIY Play Kitchen


DIY Play Kitchen Faucet

If we are interested in making the DIY play kitchen, of course we also need to deal with the details properly so that it will look not only fun but also look real. One of the details which we need to make is about the faucet. For making DIY play kitchen faucet, we can simply use Styrofoam which is shaped as like a small faucet and then paint it. Another idea is installing the real faucet which is small and not that weight, as like the plastic faucet.

DIY Play Kitchen Faucet Ideas DIY Play Kitchen Faucet Pics DIY Play Kitchen Faucet


DIY Play Kitchen Burners

Since details play a great role in anything including on making the DIY play kitchen, we need to be really detail on dealing with the details. That is including on making the DIY play kitchen burners. That is really essential to be made. The simplest way is by painting it by ourselves as like burners. Another simple recycling idea for the play kitchen burner, we can use the old unused discs or CDs. Arrange them on the cabinet which we have made and they will look like burners.

DIY Play Kitchen Burners Ideas DIY Play Kitchen Burners Pics DIY Play Kitchen Burners


DIY Play Kitchen Sink

Another detail of the DIY play kitchen which we need to deal with is about the kitchen sink. For the DIY Play Kitchen Sink, we can use the small stainless bowl. The colourful plastic bowl can also be a good idea for getting the fun idea. We can match it with the faucet. If the faucet has the metallic look, the stainless bowl will be a good idea. We can simply make the hole for the sink, and place the bowl in the hole. Make sure about the size of the hole and the bowl.

DIY Play Kitchen Sink Designs DIY Play Kitchen Sink Ideas DIY Play Kitchen Sink Pics


DIY Play Kitchen Knobs

Then, the DIY Play Kitchen Knobs are what we also need to make. We can simply buy the real knobs for stove. We can choose the smallest one. Then, what we need to do is installing it to the stove or the cabinet if we want to make such the built in stove. If we want to make it matched to the entire design and style of the play kitchen, we can paint the knobs as its entire colour scheme. So, the DIY play kitchen will look that perfect.

Cool DIY Play Kitchen Knobs DIY Play Kitchen Knobs turn DIY Play Kitchen Knobs



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