DIY Kitchen Island: Ideas and Tips

A DIY Kitchen Island can be the solution to improve your kitchen. Kitchen island or the unattached working station on your kitchen, is the focal point of the kitchen where most cooking activities conducted. Therefore, the kitchen island has to be built in efficient and of course decorative design. Since it is a do-it-yourself project, you are basically free to build the kitchen island or to improve your old kitchen island to be a better one. For the kitchen island ideas, there are some inspiration for a kitchen island project, a seating arrangement ideas, DIY kitchen island cart, kitchen island on wheels, and outdoor kitchen island project.

Besides the inspiring ideas, there are also some tips and tricks to improve your kitchen island, both you old kitchen island and your new DIY Kitchen Island. Some tips and tricks will even be the best kitchen hack to make your kitchen island more functional. It will be very helpful, especially for small kitchen and moving kitchen island that can be used both indoor and outdoor. There are at least five ideas that will inspire your kitchen.

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DIY Kitchen Island Ideas

For you who want to start a DIY Kitchen Island project, there are several ideas you should pay attention. Always think about the simplest design. It is easier to build and to improve. Before building any other part of the kitchen island, you have to build a framing board. The framing board would be the basic measurement and the basic size and shape of your kitchen island. Then, you can start install the framing board and build the whole part of the kitchen island. It is also important for you to buy the sink, cooktop, and build the minor installation that perfectly fit to your hand-made kitchen island.

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DIY Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating

For more functional kitchen island, you can add some seating’s around the kitchen. You might need to leave some space to eat. The best idea is to install marble surface on your kitchen island. Although it might cost you a little more, for longer time it is easier to clean and to take care of. While for the seating, you can choose simple wooden chair with similar color to the kitchen island. It will be so much cooler if you choose shocking color cushion for the chairs to add some contrast to your kitchen. You can have three or four seating’s for large kitchen and two for small kitchen.

DIY Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating Designs DIY Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating Ideas DIY Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating Images DIY Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating


DIY Kitchen Island Cart

If you live in an apartment or small house, a kitchen island cart can be the greatest idea ever. A DIY Kitchen Island cart is also easier to build. You just need to build the framing, install the surface, and build two rack storage’s under the surface. Instead of install heavy surface such as marble or ceramic, you can install a stainless steel surface. At last, do not forget to installs wheel to support every leg of the kitchen island. It will make you easier to move the kitchen island to any places you want, even to outdoor area.

DIY Kitchen Island Cart Designs DIY Kitchen Island Cart Ideas DIY Kitchen Island Cart Images DIY Kitchen Island Cart


DIY Kitchen Island on wheels

A kitchen island on wheels does not have to be a cart kitchen island. In fact, you can build more attractive kitchen island with wheels to help you move this kitchen appliance. You can build a block kitchen island with simple cabinet on wheels. The design is quite similar to conventional kitchen island, but without water installation. You can apply stainless steel surface to create lighter kitchen island. Then, instead of building open storage, you can build a cabinet with wood or glass door. Do not forget to install locking system on each wheel, so you can look the kitchen island to prevent any unwanted movement.

DIY Kitchen Island on Wheels Designs DIY Kitchen Island on Wheels Ideas DIY Kitchen Island on Wheels Images DIY Kitchen Island on Wheels


DIY Outdoor Kitchen Island

For a family who love to gather and enjoy barbecuing, a DIY Kitchen Island in the garden would be the best idea. If you want to build the kitchen island on your own, there are several things you have to pay attention. First, charcoal installation is the best. Instead of using gas, charcoal is safer and easier to build outside. Second, waterproof material. Third, consider some simple roof. It can be a great support for the stove. At last, do not forget the barbecue and grilling. If you have a semi outdoor area, you can also build a simple bar.

DIY Outdoor Kitchen Island Designs DIY Outdoor Kitchen Island Ideas DIY Outdoor Kitchen Island Images DIY Outdoor Kitchen Island


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