DIY Desk Organizer Ideas to Tidy Your Study Room

Believe it or not, a messy desk may decrease your desire to study or work. Do not get yourself puzzled when facing with a really unorganized desk, instead unleash some creativity and make these DIY desk organizer ideas. You will get more efficient spaces, quicker tome to clean the desk, and even quicker time to do all the works. The first important thing before organizing then decorating your desk is knowing what are necessary and what are not. Look for something that will fit on your desktop well at the time you are tidying it up. Eliminate things you no longer need.

When you have sorted the things which are really needed and still got not enough space on the desk, look for some storage to be applied on the wall and put the things there. Well, the essential thing from a DIY project is you can reuse the unused materials then modify it to the newer and more useful one. Less expense, more creativity indeed. To boost up the spirit, find a partner to do this DIY project with. You can partner up with someone who has a messy desk as well and while organizing, you may exchange some of the things. Isn’t it cute to be done?

DIY Desk Organizer Ideas DIY Desk Organizer Easy DIY Desk Organizer


DIY Desk Organizer Wood

With the wood, you can make almost everything, one of them is an open shelving. Cut some woodboards with proper measurement to be the shelving’s, make the surface flat first with a sand paper. After that, paint the wood with color you would love to such as white or several pastel colors (pink, baby blue, and yellow). Install the woods on the wall near your desk, turn them into some levels. Voila, you can put the books, magazines, and even some decorators there.

Cool DIY Wooden Desk Organizer DIY Desk Organizer Wood Designs DIY Desk Organizer Wood


DIY Desk Organizer Cardboard

One of the easiest ideas for a desk organizer is cute cardboard. You can decorate any unused shoe box and wrap it with gift paper or even sticking some lace. If you happen to like painting so much, unleash you creativity and make the painting in the cardboard. Then, give the separators using the other cardboard to divide what to put into different space. You can even use the unusual shapes like circles and stars.

DIY Desk Organizer Cardboard Designs DIY Desk Organizer Cardboard Ideas DIY Desk Organizer Cardboard


DIY Desk Organizer Tray

Re-function your favorite tray to be the desk organizer. First of all, prepare the clean one and wrap it with some decorators. Make several smaller boxes afterward, it can be made from cardboard, wood, plastic, or whatever you would really love. Choose the color that is suitable with your desk to make it look more interesting. Separate the spaces into different categories to put down things like stationery. However, keep in mind that measurement is really important in this case.

Cool DIY Desk Organizer Tray DIY Desk Organizer Tray Designs DIY Desk Organizer Tray Ideas


DIY Desk Drawer Organizer

The skill you will really need while making the DIY desk drawer organizer is a carpentry skill. Measure the space you will use up and give consideration to how far it will be from the main desk. After that, get some solid woods and make the sketch first to make sure there will be no missing measurements. You need to get the things in to and out from the drawer easily, so the tolerance is really important when making the drawers.

Cool DIY Desk Drawer Organizer DIY Desk Drawer Organizer Designs DIY Desk Drawer Organizer Ideas


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