DIY Charging Station Handmade for Your Gadgets

DIY charging station is one solution for you who do not have any idea where you should plug your gadgets in when you are going to recharge them while there are cables everywhere. It is a bit problematic for some people, especially who have experienced misplaced, swapped and tangled cables. It is your own decision if you want to go for a solution that has a decent look or your handmade charging station that must be more creative. With DIY project, you will be able to get what you want based on your need rather than buying with features that you do not even like.

The problem may seem bigger when you realize that you only have small areas, but you can make a fun charging station that do not make you waste time and go for much effort. Some DIY projects are not really hard to make because you only need simple equipment, like a simple bottle that is made of plastic. Sometimes, you do not even need to work much, like by using a very thick, vintage book that can be made as a charging station immediately without even decorating the books. However, always make sure that the books are already unused before transforming them.

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DIY Phone Charging Station

For your DIY idea phone charging station that needs a simple touch by taking a shoe box that is already old. Along its long sides you can have eyelet holes drilled continued by adding metal eyelet support. You can then position the power strip outside the box with this handmade charging station. The charges’ cords will simply be kept inside the shoe box so you can definitely avoid a cluttered look.

DIY Cell Phone Charging Station DIY Phone Charging Station Ideas DIY Phone Charging Station


DIY Laptop Charging Station

For a wonderful DIY charging station for your tablet yet still simple enough to make, a thrift shop find is a pretty thing you can consider re-purposing. One best solution is a train case that has a modern side of this. However, it is also alright to have a train case that has a vintage look and style instead as this will make a better-looking charging station that may also function as a room decor.


DIY Laptop Charging Station Pictures DIY Laptop Charging Station DIY Laptop Charging Station Designs


DIY Tablet Charging Station

If it is not only about your phone, you have a tablet that you are worry about, and then you have to look at your silverware caddy. It can be transformed easily by making a few holes drilled and you can immediately use this as your tab charging station. Or else, some of empty plastic bottles that have the right size for your tablet can be re-purposed. By making the upper top half cut, you can use it right away.


DIY Tablet Charging Station Pictures DIY Tablet Charging Station Designs DIY Tablet Charging Station Ideas


DIY Gadget Charging Station

For all of your gadgets, you can re-purpose your mail sorter as a charging station, not only for your laptop that comes in a bigger size, but also your tablet and smartphone will also be able to be accommodated there. However, to use this idea, you better have a small table to keep the mail sorter so it will look good for your room decor. An alternative idea you can have is a mail rack that has the same function.

DIY Gadget Charging Station Designs DIY Gadget Charging Station Ideas DIY Gadget Charging Station Pictures


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