Creative with Lemonade Stand Ideas for your Event

Lemonade is a mouthwatering drink both when the sun shines and when the rain falls. It is also one of the easiest drinks to prepare and to sell. Even children can do that. For many adults, opening a lemonade stand is still considered a fun way to simply enjoy the day or to run a seasonal business. For children, it is an easy and fun way to earn money. If you or your children are interested in opening a lemonade stand, either for business or for fun, you may want to gather lemonade stand ideas so that you can build your stand and open it as creatively as possible.

To make sure that you choose the best idea for it, you should define its purpose and know all materials that you need to collect to open the stand. A lemonade stand can be used in many occasions other than business. It is always entertaining to include it in any parties you celebrate and it can also be used for fundraising and charity purpose. After you define your purpose, you can start collecting all materials necessary for opening the stand, including the stand and its poster. You can read more about all of them below.

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Lemonade Stand Party Ideas

The stand’s decoration and operation will be the two major issues to be concerned with if the stand will be used in a party. The decoration of the stand obviously needs to adopt the overall decoration of the party. If the party uses cartoon-themed decoration, the stand must be decorated accordingly. For the operation, a self-serve operation is often the best choice; however, it is still possible to hire someone to tend the stand and to serve the guests.

Lemonade Stand Party Ideas Images Lemonade Stand Party Ideas Pictures Lemonade Stand Party Ideas


Lemonade Stand Poster Ideas

A lemonade stand requires not only the stand, but also a poster. If the stand is used for business purpose, the poster will tell customers about its menu and price. If the stand is used in a party, the poster can be used to identify what the stand offers. In a party, there are often many food stalls that serve guests. Without a poster, the lemonade stand will be virtually invisible. A lemonade stand poster for both business and parties should use eye-catching design.

Lemonade Stand Poster Ideas Images Lemonade Stand Poster Ideas Pictures Lemonade Stand Poster Ideas


Lemonade Stand Fundraising Ideas

Lemonade stand is great for fundraising purpose. Lemonade is a favored drink both in cold and hot seasons. A lemonade stand in a public area can always keep money flowing in. If a fundraising campaign that attracts customers and donors alike goes with the stand, more money will flow in. This, however, can be realized only if the fundraising theme is attractive and if the poster successfully conveys its message in a creative and attractive way.

Cool Lemonade Stand Fundraising Ideas Lemonade Stand Fundraising Ideas Pictures Lemonade Stand Fundraising Ideas


Lemonade Stand for Charity Ideas

Lemonade stand can also be used in a charity event. The lemonade served can be used either as a purchasable item or a free giveaway, which is common in a charity event. Serving lemonade as free giveaway is especially great because this drink is suitable for both adult and young attendants. With fresh lemonade served in such event, more people will be interested to attend it and to participate in it. The lemonade stand can also produce a good amount of money if the lemonade is commercialized.

Lemonade Stand for Charity Ideas Images Lemonade Stand for Charity Ideas Pictures Lemonade Stand for Charity Ideas

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