Cool Painting Ideas for Your Sweet Home

Paint is one of the most important elements of home decor. If you can choose the right paint with the most flattering shade for every part of your house, you can significantly improve the overall look, feel and atmosphere of your house. Internet and magazines can provide you with a multitude of cool painting ideas when you want to paint every single part of your house. By applying those ideas, you can guarantee that your house will not only look more exquisite, but also feel more comfortable after you paint it.

Your house consists of many parts, each of which has its own distinct functions and characteristics. A certain paint type and color that is suitable for a particular part of your house might not be suitable for others. Therefore, when you plan to paint your house, you should decide the specific type and color of paint that you will use to paint your bedroom, bathroom, living room, and other parts of your house. Your knowledge of the distinct characteristics of your house’s parts will help you determine the right paint type and color for them. Here you will read briefly about the specific characteristics of the most important parts of your house and how to paint them accordingly.

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Cool Wall Painting Ideas

The wall of your house can be painted with various types of paint. Oil-based paint is obviously a highly unlikely choice as it takes much time to dry, it is difficult to clean, and it smells horrible. Because you finally have to choose water-based, latex or acrylic paint, you need to decide if you will use flat or matte paint that has no sheen, eggshell or satin with little sheen, or semi-gloss or gloss paint that is shiny.

Each paint type offers certain advantages. Paint that has no sheen, for instance, is great for hiding imperfections and paint with sheen is easier to clean.

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Cool Bedroom Paint Ideas

The most important part of a home is always its bedroom. It is the real haven that makes your house a house. Choosing the right paint for your bedroom is thus important if you want it to look exquisite and to feel comfortable. Several factors to consider when you want to choose the right paint for your bedroom include space and the paint’s chemical components.

If your bedroom is not very large, you obviously need to avoid dark shades of gray or brown as they make your already small bedroom look cramped. If you worry about the toxicity of the paint’s chemicals, you can opt for the toxin-free natural organic paint.

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Cool Bathroom Paint Ideas

The constant wetness and humidity of your bathroom should be a major concern when you choose the right paint for it. In order to make sure that the water inside your bathroom doesn’t seep into the wall, you have to make sure that you choose either water-resistant or waterproof paint.

Before you use the paint, be sure that you have already repaired all cracks that are found on the wall because even the strongest waterproof paint cannot seal cracks perfectly. When it comes for you to choose the right shade for your bathroom paint, space becomes an important factor. If your bathroom is small, use lighter shades of grey or earth colors to create an illusion of space.

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Cool Living Room Paint Ideas

The coolest paint for your living room is the one with shade that is in accord with that of your living room elements. Therefore, before you paint your living room, check its furniture and decor first. You can then pick a shade that matches theirs.

Another cool living room paint idea is to use neutral shades due to their timelessness. Among all neutral colors that you can choose from, white is the easiest pick because it practically complements any decorating styles that you use in your living room. You can also use shades that are warm and inviting, such as brown and beige.
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Cool House Painting Ideas

Remember that the right paint makes your house look great not only from its inside, but also from its outside. If you already know how to choose the right paint for most interior parts of your house, you should know the right paint for your house exterior as it determines whether your house will look cool from outside.

Exterior paint should be weather-proof. This is why you should pick acrylic paint or a blend of acrylic and latex. The best cool painting ideas also recommend the use of Elastoplast paint, especially if your house uses stucco siding. For the shade, you can choose one that blends with the environment perfectly.

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