Cool Kids Tree Houses Designs: Be the Coolest Kids on the Block!

Do you know how to make your children love outdoors and stay away from their gadgets? Very simple. Just build them kids tree houses. It is safe to say that tree house is the most interesting in the world for kids, or kids at heart for that matter. It can trigger their imagination and let them be everything they only read in the story books. Princess, soldiers, The Lost Boy or simply anything they want. Most importantly, they will learn to play outside, but still under your protection radar.

Tree house also will be good for your kids’ social life. Imagine how many friends they will bring to the house everyday to play. Also imagine what spectacular birthday party theme you can do incorporating the kids tree house. That is the easiest recipe to make your kids the coolest kids on the block.

But making kids tree house needs to be done meticulously. Yes, you need to count the safety measure perfectly. But the design and the fun factor also must be taken into consideration. To help you prepare the perfect tree house, here are some tips and design ideas you can apply.

Kids Tree Houses Kids Tree Houses Inside Kids Tree Houses Ideas


1. Kids Wooden Tree House Kit

Of course you can build the kids tree house from scratch. But now, there is a more simple way. Now you can buy the pre-made tree house kit. The manufacturers will send you all the pre-cut materials and you only need to assemble it at home. The roof, windows, woods for the walls, everything has been measured and will make your job easier. Don’t forget to sand the rough edges afterwards so that it will be safe for your kids.


Kids' Wooden Tree House Kits Ideas Kids' Wooden Tree House Kits Pictures Kids' Wooden Tree House Kits


2. Cool Tree House Beds

If you think outdoor tree house is still too dangerous for your little kids, it’s okay. You can still build the magic in their bedroom. Tree house beds will be a cool way to introduce nature to them. Build a chilling space on the floor and the tree house bed above it. Don’t forget to decorate the bed like a fresh jungle or outdoor space to create the perfect nuances.

Cool Tree House Beds Design Cool Tree House Beds Pictures Cool Tree House Beds


3. Cool Tree Houses Designs

Kids tree house design is all about imagination. Build patio outside for more adventurous playing. It will be a nice chilling place with their friends. Instead of going down with a ladder the old fashion way, build a slide or fireman pole for going down access. If you have another big tree nearby, build a similar tree house and connect them with safe bridges. This design will give limitless adventure for your kids.

Cool Tree Houses Designs Ideas Cool Tree Houses Designs Pictures  Cool-Tree-Houses-Designs


4. Cool Tree House Decor

Now it is time to decorate the tree house. Don’t let it be empty, instead, put your kids’ personality there. Tree house doesn’t need to be brown all the time. Paint some bold colors or hanging lamps to beautify it after the dark. You can put your family pictures or posters from their favorite cartoon. Be free when decorating and let their personality shows.

Cool Tree House Decor Design Cool Tree House Decor Ideas Cool Tree House Decor


5. Inside of Cool Tree Houses

The inside is even more important than the outside. Make sure the tree house has hidden floorboard door to keep some secret stuff. Place comfortable rug above it to hide the floorboard. Put enough lighting and ventilation. It will be nice to put a window seat so that the kids can still look outside comfortably. Let your kids put a lot of toys inside, but make sure you prepare storage to keep them.

Inside of Cool Tree Houses Design Inside of Cool Tree Houses Ideas Inside of Cool Tree Houses


6. Kids Tree Houses for Girls

Who says tree house is only for boys? Girls also have every right in this world to rule a kids tree house. Girls love colors especially pink and purple so incorporate those colors in many places. Girls always want to be princess, so make dome shaped roof with triangle flag above it to give a castle sense to the tree house. Don’t forget to put “No Boys Allowed” sign on the door to let the world knows who rules this cool tree house.

Kids Tree Houses Girls Design Kids Tree Houses Girls Pictures Kids-Tree-Houses-Girls


7. Kids Tree Houses Interior

The interior design for kids tree house should be kept simple. Furnish it with simple but useful furniture. Don’t put too much weight on the tree house with heavy furniture. Instead, of big furniture, place warm rugs and pillows to make bigger playing area. Kids will love to play with more friends instead of more furniture. Don’t forget to put toys, drawing kit or anything your kids love to do. Make the comfortable and cool inside of the tree house become their sanctuary.

Best Kids Tree Houses Interior Kids Tree Houses Interior Ideas Kids-Tree-Houses-Interior



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