Chalk Paint Furniture Finishing to Improve Your Room Appearance

The classic looked yet cool chalk paint furniture can easily turn your house ambiance into the vintage but luxurious one. Beside, you can put almost everything in the drawers and cabinets, starting from sewing tools, magazines and photo albums collection, memorable things, and so on. The chalk paint furniture usually come in various colors such as ivory, yellow, blue, white, red, and even purple. Choose the one that meets your preference but keep in mind that it needs to fit the color mix of your room. Beside, it may not look so good in minimalist ambiance of a room. Making this by yourself is actually not really difficult, however it can take so much time since doing the curves will be hard.

The other good thing from making this chalk paint finishing is it does not need any more priming or sanding since the texture is smooth already. The ideas usually come with adding a dark paste wax so the furniture will look much more antique. All in all, you will not be disappointed with the texture resulted. Here are some ideas of what to do with black, white, and even blue chalk paint. It can be implied that these are the common colors for the chalk painting ideas.

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Black Chalk Paint Furniture

Black color may darken a specific side but trust us, it will not darken your overall room as long as the mix of other colors is okay. However, using the other color than black in one furniture can give a big impact since it will not look so plain. Pick the mysterious yet strong looking handles with coolly designed curves to not make the black lose its strength.

To turn it into more romantic piece, add a desk lamp with yellowish light and do not forget to add a little touch of red roses in a vase. Make sure that the nearest furniture are not dark colored.

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White Chalk Paint Furniture

White chalk paint finishing is seriously on rage these days because it can give such clean vintage look. The handles usually come off golden or black colored. The thing of applying this idea is you can get wider look of your room, however since it is white, dirt may stain it easier.

Make sure that you wipe the furniture clean once in several days with a soft cloth. As for the upper side decorations, having golden or silverfish color of artificial roses can be so great. You may add classic desk lamp as well so the original state of vintage would not be lost easily.

Chalk Paint over White Furniture White Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas White Chalk Paint Furniture Pictures White Chalk Paint Furniture


Blue Chalk Paint Furniture

Yes, the blue chalk paint finishing will look so daring but pleasing and not so ordinary. When you have the other furniture in a room colored in green or yellow, the blue furniture can improve the aesthetic value. Beside, the color is so soothing and remind you to take some time of looking at the things inside which can be filled by memory.

For the upper side decorates, use the daring color of artificial flowers as well, yellow or red may work so perfect. Add some temporary paintings near it as well. Your house may look so modern, but actually it can look vintage with this chalk paint furniture.

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