Built in Bookcases Ideas for Small Space

Built in bookcases is great idea for those who have small rooms. This will save much room by using forgotten space to be functional. It is not only saving space, but also can be decorative elements for your living space. One idea to try is by having built-in bookcase that is attached from floor to ceiling, and from wall to wall. If you have living room, but also have so many books, the books itself can be decorative elements for the room. Do not forget to provide ladder, here.

The built-in bookcase can also be created in bedroom. People sometimes leave the space behind the headboard empty. Now, try to use that space to store your books and magazines. If you have space under your stairs, install cabinets of bookcases there to save the books. Or you also can use the space on the stairs itself. Thus, you will feel that you step on books, when you step on stairs.

If you want the bookcase to bring a functional aspect only, you can simply install built-in bookcase which has the same color scheme with the whole room, for instance. Yet, if you want it to be decorative, colorful bookcase, with well-arranged book’s color can be an alternative.

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Built In Bookcases Fireplace

You have two interesting aspects here, you have books with its built-in bookcase and also fireplace. Fireplace, here, can be a mean to state the space you have. This can be the inviting element of your living room, or library.

You need to choose one focal point for this idea. If it is the fireplace, then make it as inviting as and as unique as you can. Giving contrast can be done from the choice of material, using mosaic tiles, for instance, for wood bookcase or stone fireplace. These two combinations will give you warm ambiance in your room.

Built in Bookcases Fireplace Built in Bookcases Fireplace Designs Built in Bookcases Fireplace Ideas Built in Bookcases Around Fireplace


Built In Bookcases With Desk

For homeowners who run out of living space, bookcase with desk is great alternative to try to get comfortable working space. It is like installing fireplace, but here we install desk. Instead of using the whole wall as bookcase, try to have built-in desk as well.

This gives different touch to the bookcase. Besides, this is practical enough for those who have home office. Give enough space for electronic devices you have. You may need to some custom configurations, and it is quite pricey. Yet, there are some shortcuts to take to cut the cost of creating bookcase with desk.

 Built-in-bookcase-with-Desk-Designs Built in bookcase with Desk Ideas Built in bookcase with Desk Cool Built in bookcase with Desk


White Built In Bookcases

If white is your color, having white bookcase will be great to give more statement of your living space. Moreover, if you choose built-in bookcase that install from wall to wall, from floor to ceiling.

If you like your room to be totally white, cover the books you want to display with white cover, and just put in in the bookcase. Or if you want black and white room, cover the books with both black and white covers. Combine this with other black and white decorations to strengthen the built in bookcases.

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