Best 3 DIY Queen Bed Frame Ideas for Sweet Bedroom

When you need a large bed that comfortably accommodates two sleepers, a queen-size bed can be a good choice. Although bigger beds, namely king-size bed and California King-size bed, seem to be better choices, there are many reasons to choose a queen-size bed. Its smaller size makes it easier to make, especially if you plan to make it instead of buying it. DIY queen bed frame tips are widely available on the internet, which makes it even easier to make this bed at home.

In the market, queen-size bed is proven to be more popular than its king-size counterpart. It is also cheaper to buy or to make due to its smaller size. Queen-size bed is also suitable for both master bedroom and guest bedroom whereas king-size bed is mostly suitable only for master bedroom. All of this makes queen-size bed a preferred choice for everyone looking for a bed that is larger than a twin or full bed.

If you plan to make a queen bed frame at home, you should mind its design. Basically, a queen bed frame requires a center leg support in addition to the typical corner legs of a bed. A queen bed may also have additional components, such as storage, drawer and headboard. We will talk more about how to add those components below.

Best DIY Queen Bed Frame Cool DIY Queen Bed Frame DIY Queen Bed Frame


DIY Queen Bed Frame with Storage

A storage unit that is added to a queen-size bed will improve its functionality and make your bedroom less cluttered. With most storage needs fulfilled by your bed, you can remove unnecessary drawers or cupboards from your bedroom. When you want to add storage space to your queen-size bed, there are two options that are available for you.

The first is adding drawers under the mattress and making your bed a captain’s storage bed. The second is making your bed a lift bed by adding a hydraulic mechanism to lift the frame and to reveal the storage area. You can also make a trundle storage bed, which is great for guest room as your guests may need additional mattress.

Best DIY Queen Bed Frame with Storage DIY Queen Bed Frame with Storage Pictures DIY Queen Bed Frame with Storage


DIY Queen Bed Frame with Drawers

If you decide to make a queen-size storage bed, the captain’s bed design is obviously the one that you want to choose because unlike lift bed design, captain’s bed design doesn’t involve adding complicated mechanism to your bed frame.

All that you need to do is adding drawers underneath the mattress area. This is actually a simple job because after you make the frame, you only need to add necessary platform for your drawers as well as the drawers themselves. To add this highly functional storage unit under your bed frame, you don’t actually need to perform very complicated woodworking job.

DIY Queen Bed Frame with Drawers Designs DIY Queen Bed Frame with Drawers Pictures DIY Queen Bed Frame with Drawers


DIY Queen Bed Frame with Headboard

Your queen-size bed frame needs a headboard to keep your pillows in place when someone lies on the bed. If you plan to make the bed on your own, you can decide whether to use plain and thin veneer wood headboard or a solid wood headboard. Solid wood headboard is obviously stronger and sturdier.

You want to add this if you want it to be durable. You can also add headboard that includes drawers and a wide top where you can place your reading lamp and other decorations. Unless you are allergic to certain fabric, you may also want to have the headboard of your DIY queen bed frame upholstered.

Cool DIY Queen Bed Frame and HeadBoard DIY Queen Bed Frame and HeadBoard Designs DIY Queen Bed Frame and HeadBoard Pictures


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