Bed Canopy DIY Simple-yet Fabulous Ideas to Use

Bed canopy DIY will let you pour your creativity to decorate your own bedroom and bed. No matter what theme you like the most; either it is a romantic style, luxurious, cute or even unique. The function of the canopy is indeed to frame your bed and it is even used to make the bed look a bit larger than its real size. But make sure that you choose to make canopies that can give a comfortable feeling. When you are doing this DIY project yourself, you will be able to customize it as unique as you want based on your personality.

To have a DIY project about the bed canopy won’t be as difficult as you think because you can even have thumb tacks, sheer fabric, and wooden dowels that are all enough to make your own DIY canopy for bed. If there is a fabric casing, the dowels can simply be inserted there and you can easily tack them to the ceiling of your room which will not take much time. This is one of many easy examples of home décor projects for the DIY bed canopy that you can try. Other ideas, like crown, hula hoop and lights on the bed canopy can be seen below.

DIY Canopy Bed Curtains DIY Canopy Bed Ideas Easy Bed Canopy DIY


Bed Crown Canopy DIY

This is actually a good idea to have a crown bed canopy, but you should be ready to give your best effort since it is not that easy, especially if you want something pretty and ornate. Before you start, you can just hunt the vintage shelf from online stores or thrift stores. Another idea that you can consider is a cornice crown that can be added with some pieces of décor items, like paper lanterns.

Bed Crown Canopy DIY Designs Bed Crown Canopy DIY Ideas Bed Crown Canopy DIY


DIY Bed Canopy Hula Hoop

Hula hoop is often used for the bed canopy in many DIY projects and this is easy enough if you already have string, tulle fabric and of course embroidery hoop. Only these items that you need to prepare just to get ready for your own DIY canopy for bed, but some of you may agree to have string of beads as the additional equipment. Mixing a few materials is allowed so you can be creative as possible.

DIY Bed Canopy Hula Hoop Designs DIY Bed Canopy Hula Hoop Ideas DIY Bed Canopy Hula Hoop


DIY Bed Canopy with Lights

For you who love a more feminine style of bed canopy, twinkling lights are the best to make your bedroom look prettier. Any canopy style is good to be dressed by lights, so twinkling ones will be perfect, especially for the dorm room. Alternatively, you can have string lights that are attached along thread sheer fabric hung on the two smaller hoops beautifully. This way, you will definitely add more coziness to the room.

DIY Bed Canopy with Lights Designs DIY Bed Canopy with Lights Ideas DIY Bed Canopy with Lights Pictures


DIY Canopy Bed without Drilling

When it comes to the canopy bed DIY projects, it is always a need to install them by drilling the ceiling, but there is always a way when you do not have to drill and make holes. Peel-and-stick hanging hardware is the solution that you can use to have the same pretty effect without drilling. Whatever dramatic bed canopies you want, you can try not to drill the holes but get the excellent result.

DIY Canopy Bed without Drilling Designs DIY Canopy Bed without Drilling Ideas DIY Canopy Bed without Drilling Pictures


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