Beautiful Purple Room Ideas and Effective Ways to Decorate

If you are currently looking for purple room ideas, you have come to the right place. Purple is a beautiful color. However, it is not easy to incorporate purple in the decoration, especially if we use purple as the main color instead of accents. For one thing, purple is one of the colors that embody femininity. So maybe your husband or your son will find it awkward to see so much purple in the living room, or in the kitchen.

Many people search for purple room ideas for their bedroom, especially women bedroom. But actually, it is not impossible to use purple as the main colors in other part of the house. The key is to choose the right shade to tone down the feminine vibe and to combine it with the right furniture. Purple is a very majestic color. It will make your house looks like a royalty’s resident. Therefore, don’t be afraid to dominate the room with purple. There are so many shades of purple that you can mix and match to deliver the best result. Decide what kind of style you are after and then choose the best shade that will make that particular style stands out.

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Purple Living Room Ideas

To incorporate purple room ideas in the living room, you need to go bold. Don’t hesitate to use the darker shades of purple such as eggplant purple or wine color. Be daring and paint the 4 walls with this color. if you have a fireplace, cover the wall above it with carve pattern lilac wallpaper. Remember that purple room ideas will be more beautiful if you combine it with white accents. And since dark purple will automatically make the room seems smaller, choose white furniture with legs to create an airy sense. Add a golden-framed mirror to add some brightness.

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Purple Dining Room Ideas

Purple room ideas can also be applied in the dining room. Unlike in the living room, it is best to use the softer shades of purple in the dining room and use the darker shades as accent. Choose iris or amethyst for the walls and make some dramatic beautiful accents by using aubergine floor-length curtains. Go with violet for the chairs and use glass table to make the room appear larger. Decorate with hidden fixture lightnings and don’t forget to install modern shaped chandelier above the glass table. These purple room ideas will definitely make you feel like a royal.

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Purple Baby Room Ideas

Purple is a neutral color for babies. So if you still have no idea what the gender of your baby is, go with purple. There are many hues of purple, but if neutral is what you are after, go with lavender and combine it with white. Paint the walls with lavender and pick white furniture. the best thing about this color combination is its simplicity. If one day you need to add extra furniture or accessories, they will blend perfectly with the original lavender and white. You can combine with patterned wallpaper or grey furniture to make great purple room ideas.

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