Beautiful Book Storage Ideas That Will Be Loved by All Bookworms

As a book enthusiast you will need nice book storage ideas to store your myriad collection of books. But you need to be careful with the furniture arrangement since books can take up so many spaces. Books also can be very vulnerable. We need to store them in a safe place so the paper won’t go yellowing and the books are protected from termites. For book lovers, books are just as precious as jewels. Sometimes we want to flaunt our collection so open storage is usually more preferable. And most importantly the storage must be easy to access. Bookworms buy books to be read, to entertain their brain and to satisfy their curiosity. So, make sure the storage you make provides you easy access for every single book you own.

When searching for book storage ideas, we also need to take the amount of space we have into consideration. If we have a lot of free spaces, we can have more freedom in deciding what kind of shelves we want for our books. But if space is an issue, we need to be creative. Book storage doesn’t necessarily to be a real standing book shelves. Here are some amazing ideas to store your books cleanly and beautifully.

Book Storage Ideas Kids Book Storage Ideas


Kids Book Storage Ideas

It is important to teach your kids to read and to develop their reading hobby. Therefore, make sure you store the books in a reachable place. Instead of putting the book in traditional standing bookshelves, it will be more interesting if you install some floating ledges and put the books there with the cover facing the front. If you want to use shelves, choose colorful shelves with unordinary shapes such as tree branches. These unique shapes and colorful book cover will attract your kids to the book storage. They can also learn to store them back in the right places after reading.

Kids Book Storage Ideas Designs Kids Book Storage Ideas


Big Book Storage Ideas

If you are not short of space, don’t hesitate to opt for giant bookshelves. Instead of using some separate shelves, go big and build a floor to ceiling built-in shelves. These shelves will be enough for hundreds of books and the organization will be cleverly centered in one place. Make small racks on the shelf so you can fit many books there. Color-code the books so you can find what you need easily. If you have big books that hardly fit into a shelf, open your mind and you can find many book storage ideas. Hang some small clothing hampers on the wall and you can put your books neatly there.

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Creative Book Storage Ideas

With a little spark of creativity, everything can be book storage. In fact, we need to be creative if space is limited in your house to store the books. You can make hidden shelves under the bed or under the stair case. This is the best way to maximize every space you have. If you have a deep shelf, make an additional rack so you can neatly store two rows of book in one rack. Or better yet, you can use the bookshelves as a room divider. Be creative and make one of the greatest book storage ideas into reality.

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