Backyard Fence Ideas to Keep Your Backyard Privacy and Convenience

For almost every homeowner, a backyard is a sanctuary and haven where they can enjoy relaxation and recreation. Privacy is thus an important element of a backyard. To maintain backyard privacy, there are many options available, including high wall, pergolas, hedges, and curtain. Of all available options, fence is considered the simplest, the least expensive, and the easiest one to build and to maintain. Fence also doesn’t set you too apart from your neighbors. If you favor fence to maintain your backyard privacy, here you can find some excellent backyard fence ideas that you may want to look into.

There are many things to consider if you want to use fence to maintain your backyard privacy. If you have a dog, you have to decide how to make the fence reliable enough to secure your dog. If you are concerned with aesthetics, you should know how to creatively decorate your backyard fence. Lighting is another thing to be concerned with because the fence is located outdoor. The last but the most important element of your backyard fence is its gate. You also have to decide what kind of gate that you will use for the fence and how you will construct it.

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Backyard Fence Ideas for Dogs

If you have a dog or another pet, the size of your dog and his behavior should be your main concern when choosing the right fence. Picket fence consisting of short planks nailed together mostly works to keep smaller well-behaved dogs inside. For bigger dogs, chain link fence is a better option. If your dog often goes astray or if ordinary fence cannot control him, you may want to use invisible fence that shocks the dog when he wanders too far.

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Backyard Fence Painting Ideas

The next thing to consider is aesthetics. The fence should be a decorative element for your backyard. Therefore, it must be decorated as creatively as possible. The easiest way to decorate it is by painting it. Painting also protects the fence panel from elements and prevents it from rotting. When painting the fence, you can paint the fence using any monochromatic color of your choice, use a mixture of two or more colors, or let your children paint murals on it.

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Backyard Fence Lighting Ideas

Lighting is also important as it keeps your outdoor fence well-lit especially at night. If chosen properly, a certain lighting style can also enhance the overall look and ambience of your fence and backyard. Hundreds of fence lighting ideas are currently available if you browse online. Traditional lighting ideas include the use of lampposts or rope light whereas contemporary ideas include installing landscape lighting on the base of the fence or implanting LED lights in the panels of the fence.

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Backyard Fence Gate Ideas

A gate is an integral part of backyard fence that provides access or secures the backyard when it is unlocked or locked respectively. A gate may also be added to a fence for aesthetic purpose. A gate of picket fence, for instance, does not meant to secure the enclosure. If you are looking for a more secure gate, a chain link gate is among your better options. The most important thing when choosing a gate is that it should have the same design and type with that of the fence.

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