Awesome DIY Crafts for Teens

Long holiday is usually used just for lazing, watching movies, read books, go to beach and many others. DIY crafts for teens are very useful to fill the free time during the holidays. This activity will make teenagers more creative and become more useful in length holiday. There are many unique objects and pull resulting from this activity. Teenagers can design their own room to perform these activities. They also can modify their clothes, for example unused jeans can be cut and colored so that a beautiful and chic bag.

If you are a teenager and confused to utilize your spare time, you can do this creative activity. There are also exciting activities such as making bracelets and necklaces of objects that are not used anymore. You can also create a unique lamp for your room. How you can set up a clear glass jar white. Then take the transparent plastic in size with the bottle. Then you can color the transparent plastic with glowing pencils. Then dry in the sun and insert it into the bottle. The bottle will light in the darkness. Your room will be more beautiful because of the unique light like fireflies in your bedroom.

Cool DIY Crafts for Teens DIY Crafts for Teens Ideas DIY Crafts for Teens


Draw On Some Rocks with Sharpie

This activity is very exciting to do when a holiday with the family. You can collect rocks around the garden. Choose stone with a flat surface. You can choose unique stone. Then prepare sharpie in various colors. You can draw on the stones in accordance with what you want, for example, to the white stone you can draw leaves, cartoon, or abstract forms. You can also write words of motivation.

Draw On Some Rocks With Sharpie Images Draw On Some Rocks With Sharpie Pictures Draw On Some Rocks With Sharpie


Make Chocolate Banana Pops

Prepare bananas, white or dark chocolate, ice cream sticks, and toping. Cut bananas into your favorite shape. You can cut the bananas into two parts or 4 parts. Melt the chocolate over a pan of boiling water, dip the banana pieces that have been pierced with a Popsicle stick into the chocolate before, give toping according to your taste. Finally put in the refrigerator, allow a few minutes until frozen.

Make Chocolate Banana Pops Images Make Chocolate Banana Pops Ideas Make Chocolate Banana Pops


Make Homemade Flower Crowns

Prepare flower, green tape, scissors, and wire. Shape wire into a circle. Adjust the size of the wire loop with a circumference of your head. You can combine flowers with small leaves so that the crown looks more natural. Furthermore, green and wrap tape around the wire section. Then cut the end of the tape and shape like a ribbon. Your beautiful crown is ready to wear at the party.

Make Homemade Flower Crowns Pictures Make Homemade Flower Crowns Pics Make Homemade Flower Crowns


Simple DIY Refrigerator Magnets

Prepare scissors, small glass circle, circular magnets, your favorite images, and glue. Scissors the image become circular size like small glass circle. Give a little glue and glue underneath. Allow a few moments until the picture is plastered tight and does not move. Then give the glue on the magnet and stick it in the bottom of the image. Leave it was also a moment to stick with strong magnet.

Simple DIY Refrigerator MagnetsSimple DIY Refrigerator Magnets Images Simple-DIY-Refrigerator-Magnets-Pics


Do Water Marble Nail Art

Prepare white nail polish and nail polish with your favorite color, sticks, tape, glass, and water. Paint your nails with white, let the tape close your nail. Apply a drop of nail polish in the glass, drops nail polish with another color until the color is formed as a pattern. Create a pattern use sticks, then dip your nails in the nail polish and remove the tape from the finger.

Do Water Marble Nail Art Images Do Water Marble Nail Art Pics Do Water Marble Nail Art


Make Wooden Stamped Hangers

You can draw cute images or write your name in the wooden hanger, so your hanger becomes unique. It’s very easy. Prepare paint, brushes and a wooden hanger. Wooden hanger that you prepare is plain hanger without any images or text. Make sure the wood hanger clean of dirt. You can make pictures or writing on the hanger. Then let stand a few minutes to allow the paint to dry.

Make Wooden Stamped Hangers Images Make Wooden Stamped HangersMake Wooden Stamped Hangers Pictures


Make A DIY Tin Lantern

Prepare tin cans, nails, hammers, markers, and spray paint. Determine the pattern you want to create and mark with a marker. Make a hole in the sign along with nails. Then paint the can. Let stand several hours until completely dry. Put a candle inside the cans. You can use this unique can lamp as a decoration in your garden. If you want a durable, you can put light bulb.

Make A DIY Tin Lantern Pictures Make A DIY Tin Lantern Images Make-A-DIY-Tin-Lantern-Ideas



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