4 Classy Yet Affordable DIY Side Table Ideas

Making your own DIY side table can be a great option if you can’t find the one you want anywhere else. There’s a reason why you can’t find it at the stores. Maybe it just doesn’t exist in the very first place. Don’t sweat about that small stuff. If you can’t find what you want from the stores, just make it yourself.

What you need is just a bit carpentry skill and a touch of creativity. You can upcycle and combine some old stuff you have at your home. Or you can buy the materials with very cheap prices. This is the best thing about DIY furniture. You can create all the things you always want, it will be one of a kind, and it’s not going to rip you off.

Don’t forget to always get an update of the latest trend. Nowadays, there are plenty of DIY friendly materials in the market, such as geometric shapes table legs and contact paper. Those things will make your DIY furniture classy and doesn’t look like a fifth graders failed science project. Moreover, those DIY stuff are very cheap and easy to use. With the right amount of creativity and materials, making DIY furniture will be the best present you give to yourself.

DIY Side Table Designs DIY Side Table Ideas DIY Side Table


DIY Modern Side Table

Making a DIY modern side table is a simple task. Try using brass, pipe, or polished woods with shiny painting. Make sure everything looks clean and new even though you used recycled materials. Don’t be satisfied with ordinary shapes. Go with unique geometry for the table legs to give it a futuristic touch. However, modern can be translated as simplicity too. If you prefer this style, you can choose softer color tones and more simple design to get the modern vibe.

DIY Modern Side Table Décor DIY Modern Side Table Ideas DIY Modern Side Table


DIY Rustic Side Table

Rustic style is the king of DIY furniture. Making a DIY rustic side table means you don’t have to hide or dump your distressed furniture. Just clean it up a little bit, upcycle it, and it can be a brand new functional piece of art. Wood is the best material for this style. You can paint it with your favorite color, but don’t polish it and make it shiny. Let the natural wooden barks show and spread vintage nuances in your house.

DIY Rustic Side Table Décor DIY Rustic Side Table Designs DIY Rustic Side Table


DIY Metal Side Table

Metal’s sturdiness will make perfect legs for side tables. It also comes in different shape that can go well with various designs. Either it’s modern, futuristic or minimalist, DIY is your best friend in DIY world. To make your job simpler, don’t cut the metal from scratch. Just use an old laundry hamper, or metal bar stool. Attach it to logs, woods or any surfaces you like and you get a gorgeous DIY metal side table.

DIY Metal Side Table Designs DIY Metal Side Table Ideas DIY Metal Side Table


DIY Marble Side Table

Do you know how much an authentic marble side table can cost you? Approximately $200! That is a lot for a side table. But don’t let price stop you from getting your favorite marble table. By using a contact paper and a little bit of DIY skill, you can make DIY marble side tablewith much lower price. You only need to stick the contact paper on your table. As long as you put it neatly, a cheap yet classy marble DIY side table is already yours.

DIY Marble Side Table Décor DIY Marble Side Table Ideas DIY Marble Side Table



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