Towel Rack Ideas for More Beautiful Bathroom

You will always need some good towel rack ideas since it is essential to exist in the bathroom. Well, it is no problem at all if you have the ordinary one which made from metal bar, but it would be much better to own a unique towel rack to decorate that little room you will visit every morning and evening. Some people often find problem when hanging the towel rack, so here are the tips to be followed.

First, determine the desired yet proper height that is suitable to all of your family members. If possible, you may make some bars with different height beforehand. Make it not so low so the water will not splash on it easily but make it not so high so it can be reached easily. After that, locate the wall stud that will hang your towel rack firmly. If there is no stud available to hang the towel racks on the desired position, you may get the special molly bolts instead. After that, mark your position, drill and attach the stud, then you are all sat to hang the prepared towel rack. As for the ideas of various kinds of racks, check the segmentation below.

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Bathroom Towel Rack Ideas

The bathroom towel rack ideas are important because you cannot just put your towel everywhere while bathing to avoid it from getting wet. The metal bar is so yesterday, try hanging a few modern plastic basket to put on many things such as towel as well as bathing products. You can even put the magazine there to avoid boredom. The place where you put it is essential, put it away from the shower head and make sure the space is often found dry.

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Pool Towel Rack Ideas

Making the fun pool towel rack ideas can be so exciting. One idea we would like to offer is hanging the unused industrial palette. First of all, paint the palette into fresh color you would like such as teal or sky blue or fresh green. After that, hang it on the wall near the pool and attach some anchors to hang the towel. You can add several little baskets to put in many other things like bathing products such as shampoo and soap.

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Kitchen Towel Rack Ideas

You may follow these kitchen towel rack ideas. Since you will not own the big space for putting the kitchen towel, function the small one and hang the simple metal bar from the drawers. It is recommended to buy or make one that has adjustable hanging position and length. The woody one will give fresh look to your kitchen especially if you have country decoration, but may not be suitable with all modern kitchen utensils.

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Towel Rack Decorating Ideas

Well, it is not that hard to actualize towel rack decorating ideas, but it can be a little bit tricky as well. You can tie the hung towel with a beautiful lace or ribbon. Keep in mind that while decorating, the towel color is very important. This is usually done in the hotel and other accommodations, but who doesn’t like his or her house to look more beautiful? You can even consider rolling the towel first into sushi roll-like then put it in the towel rack.

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