Top 3 Under Stairs Storage Ideas for Beautiful Home

Having under stairs storage is a clever idea to keep your living space from clutter. The ideas we have today will complete your preference in choosing the way you keep your clutter under the stairs. This forgotten space is now functional.

Not many people notice this space to be functional. Yet, for those who have small space, you need to be clever to see every thing in house. There are two ways to create shelves under the stairs. The first one is asking for help from the expert to design and build one for you. The second one is by building it by yourself. This saves more money, but of course you need some skills to build one for your house. Being creative is one key to make a functional storage under the stairs. If you find difficulties, find video tutorial to guide you.

Installing built-in lockers, or drawers under the stairs are perfect to store various objects. You can keep the children toys there, or even use that space as your bookcase. Everything you can do under the stairs. Optimizing space is now getting easier after watching these ideas we have today.

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Under Stairs Storage Drawers

This is the first idea to make your under-stairs space is functional, creating drawers. Mounting some multiple drawers will be great for those who have tight space. Drawers are more intimate. This is a great choice if you want to keep your stuff be seen from guests. It is even better than shelves, where it shows the stuff you have.

You need to choose a right material for drawers. Do not forget to make it blends with the whole ambiance you create in that room. Big vertical drawers that can be slide open, and smaller drawers inside can be an alternative.

Best Under Stairs Storage Drawers Under Stairs Storage Drawers Ideas Under Stairs Storage Drawers Unit


Under Stairs Storage Doors

When you opt storage with doors, there are two common doors to choose, the slide one and the one you find in ordinary kitchen cabinet we have. When choosing the door, make sure you choose the one that makes you access it with ease, and the one that does not block your flow from one room to another room.

Also think about the material you choose for the doors. Glass will be great if you use the storage to display your collections. Choose other materials, if you do not want to show the stuff to your guests.

Cool Under Stairs Storage Doors Under Stairs Storage Doors Designs Under Stairs Storage Doors Ideas


Under Stairs Storage Closet

When you want to use under-stairs space for closet, you need to remember that that area is considered as the busiest area at home. It is the intersection for all rooms you have. Thus, choose stuff that is quite handy to put and to take, for instance shoes, clothes for warm or cold season, and also coats.

If you have big space, divide it based on the number of family members you have. This will make you access the storage with ease. Under stairs storage also can be used for your interior decoration. If you have funny shoes or fancy clothes, you can display it.

Under Stairs Storage Closet Designs Under Stairs Storage Closet Ideas Under Stairs Storage Closet Unit


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