Stair Railing Ideas to Improve Home Design

Decorating the stair railing or choosing the good pattern may not sound so important and many people skip this process when building or decorating the whole house. In fact, different railing can give different feeling from your house, that’s why this article about cool stair railing ideas was made. Here are some tips on choosing the most proper stair railing for your house. First, consider mix and matching it well. For example, if you like metal and wood altogether, you can make railing with wooden top and metal as bottom side. It is recommended to get the metal colored with colors such as black. The woods may give off the old feeling, different from the metal that will make your stair look much more modern.

Anyway, stairs with no railing still look much more minimalist, the disadvantage is that the stairs will not guarantee safety to toddlers and children. If you wish more for safety, these railing ideas can be used and safer in your house. Here are the deck stair railing tips, basement stair railing, indoor stair railing, and stair railing with contemporary design you may like to follow. The most important thing is to choose the one you truthfully like and suitable best for your living place.

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Deck Stair Railing Ideas

Truthfully stating, deck stair railing ideas are only suitable with a house that is located in wide area or becomes one with the nature, for example the cottage surrounded by the forest. As for this one, you can use high quality woods that are just strong enough with simple ornaments. Keep in mind that you do not need to surround your whole house with this railing but make the surrounding ones higher than the ground.

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Basement Stair Railing Ideas

The basement stair may not be looked frequently by home owner but it is still essential to make it looks good. You do not need to get the complex ornaments for the railing since the basic one will look just perfect whenever the color combination used is suitable. One of the basement stair railing ideas is choosing the colors that go well with your basement main color. You can turn the lower side of the stair into storage to put many other unused things.

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Indoor Stair Railing Ideas

Since the indoor stair railing is seen very frequently, it is important to get some beautiful ornaments or decorations alongside. You can add up the unusual shape like flowers or even circle patterns. The strong material like steel is needed to prevent the railing from breaking easily. When you feel like using thick woods, it is not a problem at all but the railing will automatically give off the classic ambiance. As for the indoor stair railing ideas color, you can use the basic ones such as black, brown, or white.

Indoor Stair Railing Ideas Photos Indoor Stair Railing Ideas Pictures Indoor Stair Railing Ideas


Stair Railing Ideas Contemporary

These stair railing ideas contemporary will suit for you who need artistic ambiance. The important thing from this idea is using the unusual shapes or some artistic combinations from basic shapes. Do not get afraid of making your wildest imagination true as long as it is possible like making the arc from the railing that faces the bottom. Pick the colors that suit with main color of your house other interiors, but still the basic colors are the safest.

Stair Railing Ideas Contemporary Designs Stair Railing Ideas Contemporary Photos Stair Railing Ideas Contemporary Pictures


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