Nice DIY Storage Bench Ideas for Easy Organizing Space

When you feel like the small things in home start piling up, why not make the DIY storage bench and save up some places? Beside, making it is not that hard and will cost you very little. The materials you will commonly need are the plywood, paintbrush for turning it into your favorite color, pine trim, screwdriver and the screws, crown staples plus the heavy duty pneumatic stapler, stain, clamp, and even the pencil to write down the right measurement.

The main things you will likely do are cutting the plywood into several fixed sizes. At this procedure, make sure you get all of the measurement right so the things can be done to finish line (balance kept, strength kept). We recommend you to make the three chubby holes with equal size at first. However, you can just make the size that will fit your room well. Do not forget to separate the spaces with same solid wood stated earlier. Use the glue and staples to hold everything in place. To make it more rigid, secure the clamps, screw the casters tightly, then framework is all done. You will just need to decorate the storage bench with paint and some padding’s upside.

DIY Shoe Storage Bench DIY Storage Bench Outdoor DIY Storage Bench with Cushion


DIY Outdoor Storage Bench

The DIY outdoor storage bench needs to be strong enough to be sit down by some people but upper side needs to open up and close down easily. This way, we can store the things like magazines, beach ball, and everything needed in the park easily. You will need some materials such as various sizes of wood boards, the door hinge, the paint brush and its paint, the screws, sandpaper to make those woods smoother especially when met with skin, screws, glue, and filler.

DIY Outdoor Storage Bench Ideas DIY Outdoor Storage Bench DIY Outdoor Storage Bench Designs


DIY Shoe Storage Bench

Yes, the storage bench is an excellent idea to store down your shoe collection. This kind of storage bench is commonly found at the entryway. This thing will ease the process of using your shoes especially the hard to use ones. Make the concept, sketch, and measurement first before going down into actualizing the project. Make sure that the shoe storage bench size will feet the way to the house and its color is suitable with the wall color.

DIY Bench Seat with Shoe Storage DIY Shoe Storage Bench Designs DIY Shoe Storage Bench


DIY Window Bench with Storage

Having the DIY window bench can be really soothing and such a recreation at times. Why not, it can be used as a table to read magazines while looking outside and when you add the soft padding’s on the surface, it can be functioned as mini bed. Just imagine yourself laying while looking at the window, isn’t cool? The lower side needs to be some hollow cubic of putting down almost every small thing like magazines and novels.

DIY Window Bench Seat with Storage DIY Window Bench with Storage Ideas DIY Window Bench with Storage


DIY Entryway Bench with Storage

This DIY entryway bench with storage will look much like the DIY shoe storage bench. The difference lies within what you put in the storage, either they are shoes or plain other small things. Since it is on the entryway, make it have more functions by adding the coat hanger near it. Add some cute patterned pillows as well to make the guests feel welcome. Besides, when the guests need to wait for a bit, they can just easily with there if you don’t allow them to come in yet.

DIY-Entryway-Bench-with-Shoe-Storage DIY Entryway Bench with Storage Designs DIY Entryway Bench with Storage3


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