Making Wooden Ice Chest Tips and Tricks

So you want to make a wooden ice chest but do not want to use other people’s design? Then you are in the right place, in this article you will be able to find several basic but important tips and tricks of crafting your own unique ice chest. The ice chest is already an essential part when people went for various outdoor activities, it’s easy to carry and useful, a convenience item, but most of the time, the ice chest that you can buy at the store looks dull and uninspiring. Fortunately, you can make your own ice chest by using the most basic of material; the wooden plank.

Making wooden chest can be difficult because it requires precision and skill, but using wood means that there is a lot of room for customization. If you want to save more money, you can use wooden pallet as your base material, and with that amount of wood, you can freely choose how big the size of your own wooden ice chest. Depending on how you usually use your ice chest; it can be a big but irremovable one for your outdoor bar or a small one that you can carry everywhere, the designs are different, look at what we have here just for some design reference.

Homemade Wooden Ice ChestWooden Ice Chest Ideas Wooden Ice Chest on Wheels


Wooden Ice Chest Cooler

The most important thing about a cooler is the insulation; you need to make sure that when you combine all those wood planks, they are precise. As said earlier, the design can be anything, so saw the wood depending on anything that you want and the size of the cooler that you have, remember that you can put various features on the wooden chest. If you are new to carpentry, be careful when using the saw.

DIY Wooden Ice Chest Cooler Wooden Ice Chest Cooler IdeasWooden Ice Chest Cooler


Rustic Wooden Ice Chest

For those who wanted a more country design for their outdoor ice chest, there are a lot of design that you can find as the reference, but most of them have one similarities, the rustic ice chest don’t have much decoration. It certainly can be a good addition to your furniture; especially in a themed room, and due to its simplistic design, it’s not really that difficult to make.

Rustic Wooden Ice Chest Pics Rustic Wooden Ice Chest Plans Rustic Wooden Ice Chest


Outdoor Ice Chest Stainless Steel

You can mix the wooden chest that you are making with some metal; it will add more feels and uniqueness. The combination of wood and stainless steel can be helpful for outdoor purpose, because depending on where you use the metal, it can help the box to stay cold longer. The stainless steel is also very light, so it’s a good combination to consider.

Outdoor Ice Chest Stainless Steel Ideas Outdoor Ice Chest Stainless Steel Pics Outdoor Ice Chest Stainless Steel


Outdoor Ice Chest Wheels

If you want to make a wooden outdoor ice chest that is big but is also mobile, then the easiest addition would be the wheels. Adding wheels for your big outdoor ice chest will add both convenience and size factors at the same time, you can now bring a lot of drinks at once. Not only that, it can also be placed indoor in case of a bad weather condition: this will damage your ice chest.

Outdoor Ice Chest Wheels Designs Outdoor Ice Chest Wheels Pics Outdoor Ice Chest Wheels



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